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Chris Hasney
Chris Hasney
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April 2, 2016
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about me

I was active in the Professional Bridge Tour during its brief but interesting life.  I play once or twice a month in my club and attend regional and national tournaments when able. I've authored several bridge books and articles including the beginner rubber bridge book Simplicity Bridge in 2009. I'm focused on finding ways to promote our game of contract bridge at the high school and college age levels using new tools and marketing methods. Somewhere along the line I managed to make Bronze Life Master, but not liking the echelons above LM concept I just claim LM. I will continue to play at bridge, hoping to someday come close to learning the game.

E-mail me at acolpair at gmail dot com

Here are my websites.

Books, articles, and some free lesson plans

Bridge videos:

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Opponent cue bid a conrol he didn't have enroute to a small slam, luring me into a bad lead and making. I congratulated him, and learned from it.
Bridge Accomplishments
I have 6+ Platinum points! (They are now the only ones I covet.)
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Walton (old Acol + some new SAYC stuff), any NLM who works at the game away from the table.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Thunder Mountain Bridge Center, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Favorite Tournaments
Las Vegas Regional
Favorite Conventions
3-Way Super Accepts
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Life Master
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Video Introduction of Bridge for School Administrators
It's not about relocating people. Goodness, with all the ways to work from home these days, including in groups, There's no need. What I was talking about was not necessarily exploiting the TALENT of our members, but their CONTACTS in fields where we need help, like getting our ...
Video Introduction of Bridge for School Administrators
I sent the link to David Dobrik today, asking him to publicize it. We'll see. He may ask for compensation. If so I'll kick it to ACBL. Ur right about ACBL Marketing. They did suck, but they seem to be getting much better lately, including trying to find ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Or, perhaps in my case, the player. BTW Craig's approach has merit too. But, gotta agree on one!
Video Introduction of Bridge for School Administrators
No. I had access to actors in 2008 and made my videos then, but all of my teacher friends are way past retirement. I have asked ACBL to use the Summer Youth NABC and Collegiate Championships for that purpose. They'll have plenty on hand in Montreal.
Video Introduction of Bridge for School Administrators
Jeff, can you make these comments into brief scripts to have tweener+ kids say on video (with parental releases to use them without compensation)? Just sit four kids (with hair and clothes looking like they didn't just wake up) at a table with a deck of cards in the ...
Video Introduction of Bridge for School Administrators
How about Cohen's "Rule of 7 vs. Rule of Thinking" for an example. Also, Julian Laderman has put some of this stuff in the back of his books (don't have handy at the moment).
Video Introduction of Bridge for School Administrators
Feel free to use a screen shot from my video "Rescued" if you like. I have releases from all those folks (they were actors).
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Nevertheless, if you must ask forcing or no, then it is strange by definition.
Great Marketing Piece for Bridge
Sea also" It seems ACBL Marketing has been paying attention! Way to go guys! How "bout a couple of up and coming young ladies as well. I shared this on my Facebook page. Recommend sharing on yours. Let's make this go viral ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Jerry-ism: All strange bids are forcing. (Helms)
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