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Chris Hasney
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April 2, 2016
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about me

I was active in the Professional Bridge Tour during its brief but interesting life.  I play once or twice a month in my club and attend regional and national tournaments when able. I've authored several bridge books and articles including the beginner rubber bridge book Simplicity Bridge in 2009. I'm focused on finding ways to promote our game of contract bridge at the high school and college age levels using new tools and marketing methods. Somewhere along the line I managed to make Bronze Life Master, but not liking the echelons above LM concept I just claim LM. I will continue to play at bridge, hoping to someday come close to learning the game.

E-mail me at acolpair at gmail dot com

Here are my websites.

Books, articles, and some free lesson plans

Bridge videos:

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Opponent cue bid a conrol he didn't have enroute to a small slam, luring me into a bad lead and making. I congratulated him, and learned from it.
Bridge Accomplishments
I have 6+ Platinum points! (They are now the only ones I covet.)
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Walton (old Acol + some new SAYC stuff), any NLM who works at the game away from the table.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Thunder Mountain Bridge Center, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Favorite Tournaments
Las Vegas Regional
Favorite Conventions
3-Way Super Accepts
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Life Master
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Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
It's just not fun. I much prefer rubber bridge, we/they or Chicago (with honors added). 2 1/2-5 table stratified Howells get old, especially when one is not allowed to joke around between rounds (SHUSH, table(s) still in play!
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
Their problem might be the quality of the 10. For me, must have 2 1/2 working quick tricks and a five card suit (especially if spades) or three four card suits. Both ways provide the necessary two long suit tricks to go with the 2 1/2 quick tricks ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
I suppose that's a problem with strong 1C openings. Never played them, but it's hard to believe responder just drives to game with an opener of his own without approaching cautiously. And Ur right, Charlie did want 13 points to open, but he included distribution. Sometimes 2 1 ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
I have a client who still can't stand it -- just seems unnatural. Not sure I can overcome that. At least you are young, able to adapt to upside-down seeming concepts. I'll bet you even understand negative numbers and equations and stuff, lol.
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
Expert American System uses 14-16 1NT (17 if any 4-3-3-3 or aceless), except 3rd seat 10-12 but must be any 4-3-3-3 shape, otherwise pass or bid one of a suit. Didn't get a chance to play it much (partner/system designer died) but it seemed to work pretty well ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
Annie's bid is 2 1/2 - 5 in Winning Trick Count, an opening bid in all four seats, even though only 10 HCP. (It also has two working tens!) On top of that, the spade suit is one with which I would always overcall a 1 of a suit ...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
My teacher said "If your are going to bid like that you'd better learn how to count a hand and play the dummy!"
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
I once played in a sectional against a pair that used a pre-alert table card saying "Light Openings." What they didn't say was that openings were not necessarily light. Screwed me all kinds of up.
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
This is a funny time to see this article. Just yesterday I was visiting a sick friend and brought him a hand a student had sent me. I thought it was a responder problem. "Partner has opened 1S (on K108642, 4, AQ107, 65), and you hold..." Guy says: "I wouldn ...
Pass vs Double
S. J. Harris doing some nice rubber bridge analysis.
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