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Chris Hasney
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April 2, 2016
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about me

I was active in the Professional Bridge Tour during its brief but interesting life.  I play once or twice a month in my club and attend regional and national tournaments when able. I've authored several bridge books and articles including the beginner rubber bridge book Simplicity Bridge in 2009. I'm focused on finding ways to promote our game of contract bridge at the high school and college age levels using new tools and marketing methods. Somewhere along the line I managed to make Bronze Life Master, but not liking the echelons above LM concept I just claim LM. I will continue to play at bridge, hoping to someday come close to learning the game.

E-mail me at acolpair at gmail dot com

Here are my websites.

Books, articles, and some free lesson plans

Bridge videos:

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Opponent cue bid a conrol he didn't have enroute to a small slam, luring me into a bad lead and making. I congratulated him, and learned from it.
Bridge Accomplishments
I have 6+ Platinum points! (They are now the only ones I covet.)
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Walton (old Acol + some new SAYC stuff), any NLM who works at the game away from the table.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Thunder Mountain Bridge Center, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Favorite Tournaments
Las Vegas Regional
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3-Way Super Accepts
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Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
I disagree with the last sentence. It's a partnership. You bid your cards, I'll bid mine. First one of us who can limit his hand does so, making the other Captain. Opener's third bid should complete not only the picture of his shape but his size. At ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
Yeah, and it destroys a great place to play, 1NT, when opener begins with a major suit. So, we got a new concept, "semi" forcing. Huh? It's really not that big a deal any more, at least in matchpoint events, where the defenders simply won't let a pair ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
It would be nice, but the three level should be safe. There's always a 2NT offer to play there available to responder when opener has reversed, as long as the 2/1 bid was not game forcing. The problem we have in ACBL-land is that in the 1950s the ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
Sure wish the Bulletin would turn this thread into a series we could print and use as handouts for classes :-)
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
The former is true in both old and new (2/1 GF) standard. The latter is also true in old standard (non-game forcing) 2/1 auctions, because responder promised to bid again and thus announced that HE had extras (so opener doesn't need them to get safely to the ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
"How one plays these sequences is a matter of partnership philosophy." It is nowadays, but it shouldn't be, at least for a basic bridge learning package. No wonder we can't get any takers for our game. Who wants to learn a dozen systems, many of which make no ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
Greene is correct, IMHO, which USED to be standard. With a 2-bid (10+) hand, responder must first bypass the 4 card major to show strength, THEN show the major. This often requires temporizing with a three card club suit! (1D-2C; 2S-3S [I have four spades and a 2-bid hand, partner ...
In the Well: Russ Jones
I know I'm in the minority, but I think NABC+ participants should get a discount, not a surcharge, in order to promote play in these premier events. (Why "Play Up" when it costs more money?) Of course, perhaps once again we are trying to get the chum out of ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
Arrrggg. Why does 2/1 insist on complicating normal bidding? A reverse by opener after a two level bid by responder DOES NOT show extra values -- yet. It simply shows a four card major and, often, a hand that is not suitable for a notrump rebid of some sort. Why ...
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
That's a good way to put it. Is there a document I can refer students to that says that? If not, can you make this into a guest column? I think my editors would be inclined to publish it (D17 ScoreCard e-zine). I'm assuming you hold that view ...
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