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Chris Sloan
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Nov. 28, 2012
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T'Pau and the Winkle
T'Pau and the Winkle
I am confused. In the end positioned described, how does declarer avoid losing two more tricks? It seems to me that declarer loses a spade and a club in every permutation. I am sure I am missing something since I'm only now studying winkle squeezes.
A better rating system
For what it's worth, Chris Champion's system seems to work pretty well for matchpoints based on my own experience. When I look at our club and our unit, the results line up quite closely with how I would have ranked players just based on playing with and against ...
Unusual UI Situation
While I agree with Kit, it was emphatically explained to me (as I described in a post back in March) at the IMP Pairs by the event director, the DIC, and, eventually, the majority of an appeals committee that the rule requires the SPECIFIC action taken to have been demonstrably ...
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
I'm in as long as I get a handicap for each ounce of liquor I consume more than my opponents. Against most of the players you listed, that'd be my best chance of winning.
Denver Case N9 - Make up your minds!
EDIT: It was the IMP Pairs, not the Silidor.
Is this a way to run an organization?
Why not have the entire field for a two day knockout event use the two session qualifying Swiss to seed all of the teams into a bunch of four team brackets for knockouts the next day? Everyone would get to qualify for day two and they would be playing against ...
Cash or Uppercut - How do you know?
South (me) didn't consider the implications of that, but what you say makes sense.
Cash or Uppercut - How do you know?
We don't (currently) give count in this situation, although we have gone back and forth on that. The 7 was intended as discouraging (playing UDCA).
Cash or Uppercut - How do you know?
Your point is taken, although overcalling with KQ8xx would not be out of line for us.

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