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Nov. 28, 2012
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Do defensive beers count if diamonds are trumps?
Thanks. I’ll look forward to that one.
Do defensive beers count if diamonds are trumps?
Can someone get John McAllister to produce a Setting Trick podcast with nothing but beer card stories? I feel like there have to be some good ones out there.
Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled
There is a critical, MASSIVE distinction between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu - antibodies. Most people have some level of antibody protection against the flu, so their immune systems aren't starting from zero. For COVID-19, NOBODY has antibodies. That's the reason it's spreading so quickly and why it ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
My partner and I have won the district qualifier several times, and each time our understanding was that these were travel funds. This is also why it made perfect sense to us that (1) we didn't get the check until we showed up to play, and (2) if someone ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
You have to be kidding me. They are doing exactly the right thing and they took a wise business approach to how and when they did it, and you are complaining about the wording of the announcement? I suspect you would have found a reason to criticize no matter what ...
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
"...I'm not convinced the TD, etc, interpreted the regulation the way you think they did (although I'm certain not ruling it out either)" Trust me, there was extensive discussion with several TDs involved in this; the way I described it is exactly the way they said they were ...
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
So, I learned that there are two different schools of thought on this law after I appealed a ruling in the IMP Pairs last year. Some believe that an adjustment is only made if the UI demonstrably suggests the specific action taken. Others (whom I believe are right) believe that ...
Columbus Hotel Cancellation and ACBL response
The processor will side with ACBL. Their one and only role in that process is to see if the charge was validly imposed. It was clearly imposed validly based on the terms of the reservation. I am expressing no opinion about whether ACBL should or shouldn't keep the money ...
T'Pau and the Winkle
T'Pau and the Winkle
I am confused. In the end positioned described, how does declarer avoid losing two more tricks? It seems to me that declarer loses a spade and a club in every permutation. I am sure I am missing something since I'm only now studying winkle squeezes.

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