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Chris Willenken
Chris Willenken
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Nov. 14, 2011
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about me

Professional bridge teacher and player living in NYC.

United States of America

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Past: Ron Smith, Roy Welland, Michael Rosenberg, Jan Jansma Current: Eldad Ginossar
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Willenken - Ginossar methods
Amir, Good to hear from you, my friend! We like 1N-3 majors as Al mentions because it rightsides both suits. But otherwise you could bid 1N-2-2-3 with those hands-- hearts is already declared by responder, and 5-5 majors don't need the extra space as opener ...
10 to 19 No Trump
@Dale Johannesen The Regulating Authority must actually hold the opinion in question, so if all (or most) reasonable people would disagree with the RA's stated position, that would be strong evidence that the RA was merely professing to have the opinion in question in order to bolster an illegal ...
10 to 19 No Trump
Steve, I have not only read Law 80 but I also understand it. The part you have bolded is directly on point-- ACBL can establish conditions for bidding and play, but only [b]in accordance with these laws[/b]. In other words, no regulation which contravenes any other portion of ...
10 to 19 No Trump
Danny Sprung writes, "Kit, you are mistaken. There are plenty of bids that can be, and are regulated. Natural NT openings are regulated; both by range and shape." While the ACBL purports to regulate natural notrump openings, it seems quite clear to me that those regulations violate the Laws of ...
Willenken - Ginossar methods
We play: 1N-2red-2M-? 2N= M + , GF 3= M + , GF After 1N-2red-2M-2N/3, opener generally accepts the second transfer without support for the M. Now responder has space to show his fragment at the three level with 5431/5530 shapes. We would also pattern into our 2-card ...
Thanks to Jay Whipple
One elephant in the room when discussing AirBnB vs. the host hotel is the gross incompetence of the ACBL's booking apparatus. Just after arriving home from the Hawaii NABC, I went online to book a room for the Memphis host hotel. Somehow, there were no rooms available for the ...
Gold Coast Ruling
Apologies for the slight thread drift, but I feel compelled to speak up when I see experienced international players peddling interpretations of the bridge laws which would undermine the spirit of our game. [b] For each player, in any given auction there can be only one possible 'normal' tempo.[/b ...
Sad State of Affairs
Championship flight participation has been hurt by (among other trends) the ever-increasing skill gap between world class players and other experts. That gap is widening for two reasons: 1) Theoretical advances in both bidding and defensive carding give world class players more tools at their disposal, and 2) The proliferation ...
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
Doping in sports is a poor analogy to collusive cheating at bridge for the following reasons (among others): 1) Most sports are not games of honor. For example, we don't expect football players to call fouls on themselves; we expect those players to try to conceal their violations from ...
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
Paul, If we could have effective arbitration of cheating offenses, I would be all for upping the standard of proof to "beyond a reasonable doubt." The problem with the current system is that when the disciplinary board members are significantly weaker at bridge than the players charged, there will always ...

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