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Chris Willenken
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Nov. 14, 2011
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June 14
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Bridge Player
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Professional bridge teacher and player living in NYC.

United States of America

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Past: Ron Smith, Roy Welland, Michael Rosenberg, Jan Jansma Current: Eldad Ginossar
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Priorities for the WBF?
Adam, I have been down this road already with the USBF, and there has not been much interest in making the suggested changes. I think it can be very difficult for people to envision a better product which they haven't yet seen.
Priorities for the WBF?
Adam, If I were in charge of writing the guidelines, you can imagine from my post above what they would look like. If you ask pairs to answer 33 different bidding questions on the SSF, you will get tons of sloppy answers and outright omissions. In fact, I would guess ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
While I enjoy the Gatlinburg regional, I don't think that there is anything particularly great about the place itself as a regional destination. A big regional is a draw to folks who want to compete against top-flight competition and also to those who want to receive maximum masterpoint compensation ...
Priorities for the WBF?
Currently, most information that appears on a well filled out convention card is[i] for the benefit of that side[/i], not for the benefit of the opponents. For example, there is no reason for the opponents to care in advance whether you play 1N-3 as a splinter or ...
Score adjustment against/ No score adjustment for my partnership?
No adjustment for sure. South would not have a problem to this trick whatever remaining trumps he held (stiff quack, QJ doubleton, void), so there is no reason declarer should be pulled one way or the other by the knowledge that South has already decided which card to play.
A Buffet Cup defense problem
Looks like declarer probably has Jxx AQJx AQx Jxx . If I win, declarer has a risk-free diamond finesse for his ninth trick. If I duck, declarer must guess whether to hook the diamond. He probably will have a good idea of the count by decision time, so the diamond finesse ...
Priorities for the WBF?
1) Development of a comprehensive and mandatory process for handling collusive cheating allegations. From the moment a credible accusation is levied, there should be a step-by-step procedure which cannot be affected by any bigwig putting his finger on the scale. If the end result is a guilty verdict, the players ...
18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
Ray, If the opponents were forced to pass throughout, your analysis would be accurate.
Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
I like a heart at matchpoints, the one suit I know declarer does not hold. It provides almost as much safety as a club with far more upside-- if dummy doesn't have hearts, this is quite likely to be best, and it might be ok even then. Diamond jack ...
18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
Additionally, opening a balanced hand with some number of notrump has the highly desirable effect of limiting the hand in strength and shape immediately. So, you'd rather your wider balanced ranges actually be notrump openings rather than notrump rebids.

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