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July 5, 2015
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What does this 3!h bid mean?
Michael, I don't quite get that comment. The fundamental question is whether this is natural or a cue bid. With your proposed hand wouldn't you bid 3S and, I assume partner's first obligation would be to bid 3NT with a stopper. Maybe I misunderstood. Are you suggesting ...
What does this 3!h bid mean?
OK, I'll raise the sarcasm. 5H is exclusion. :-)
What does this 3!h bid mean?
I think maybe that is part of the problem nowadays. 2H would be Michaels and 3H would ask for a stopper for least as the way I used to play it. So, you're strapped with a good heart suit.
What does this 3!h bid mean?
I think in 1947 it was clearly natural. Despite the modern idea that nothing is natural, I think it still is. It would help to know what options partner had for a TO. Assuming double is the stronger, less shapely one, anything could be on depending in his major suit ...
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: K93 QT987 KQT64 ---
My Spidey sense is that they might get to a club fit if you let them. Kind of weird how all the people who advocate not letting opponents play in 8 card fits at the 2 level think their opponents haven't read the same books. What do you plan ...
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: AJ AKQJ K8 Q9874
Richard, if they grab the diamond ace at trick 2 your 5 tricks start to diminish when you try to find pitches on spades. The spade bidder had Ax of clubs.
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: AJ AKQJ K8 Q9874
OK, that was pretty overwhelming. Low level bridge game with my buddy who is a decent card player but just bids by the seat of his pants. He bid 3C that got whacked for -500. I thought 2NT was the book bid and that probably wouldn't have gotten hit ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Can't help it. Tempo Breaking...Bad!
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
DB, so a diamond and a non-diamond lead could exist simultaneously? The diamond lead is only apparent upon east's observation. :-)
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: JT9 KJ9874 --- AK76
Well done, Grasshopper. You are making progress. And now consider the Tao of 4D over 3NT. Got to admit, never occurred to me before, but I am going to drink some more and consider the implications. :-)

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