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Defending against 1NT is a pain
Assuming 1NT=15-17: I would build a hypothetical model of declarer's hand based on the first two tricks. It seems that declarer has 5 diamonds potentially headed by KJ and the ace of clubs. This means that declarer has 7-9 HCP in the major suits (assuming partner has the ...
Christopher Moh's bidding problem: A A9873 KQ876 32
Also, my original version said that 4D was D+H, but I edited it so that it's actually D+unspecified M.
Christopher Moh's bidding problem: A A9873 KQ876 32
sorry, I meant "overcalls" (article edited). Your RHO opened 3C and it's on you to act.
Space: Beyond the Frontier
David, thanks for your thoughtful comment - there's nothing to be sorry about correcting my mistakes :) I went back to look up the mathematical basis behind vacant spaces and you are right - vacant spaces theory for suit breaks combines the "suit break in a given suit" and "breaks for all ...
Space: Beyond the Frontier
Isn't the point of the decision after South played a heart and West followed low, rather than before South playing a heart? In addition, at this point we know each player has at least one diamond, so that changes the number of unknown cards again. At this point West ...
High-level competitive decision.
Good points - Thanks, Richard. There shouldn't be a keycard ask with a void, but you never know. I will admit that as partner regardless of which club spot my partner led I would try cashing the Ace of diamonds on trick 2.
High-level competitive decision.
NS hands -- (Partner's hand is KQ52 / 86 / AQT9543 / (void) -- so 6H can be set for -500 by under-leading the ace of diamonds on trick 2 but in practice the score will be -200). I agree that failing to raise diamonds (as most have ...
Christopher Moh's bidding problem: 72 AQ542 2 T9754
Sorry, forgot to mention. System is fairly vanilla 2/1.

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