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Chuck Messinger
Chuck Messinger
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July 23, 2012
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Jan. 21
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about me

Active player until I became self-employed in the early nineties. 


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1994 World Open Pairs Leader Board
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Peterborough ON Bridge Club
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Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: 3 Q62 KT96 A9854
My old partner, Leo the Leaper, would occasionally respond in a 3 card major. Invariably I would have a splinter raise and we would get to the only making game on a Moysian.
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: 3 Q62 KT96 A9854
IMHO it's much better to pay the single raise as INV and the criss-cross as GF. You often collect a penalty and, as with this hand, you don't play a 7 card fit at the 3 level.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: QT8764 K KQ4 K84
I'm off 5 keycards. There are a few hands where partner will push with 3 keycards to the 5 level ala Axxx xxxx Ax AQx where the wrong 3-0 split will be fatal. With 4 keycards partner will often take another call and I can gleefully cooperate.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AJT4 T763 875 AQ
A hand where you might have bid 3D to show an invitational hand with both majors leaving the cuebid as a game force.
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
If you want to let favorable vul opps push you around that's fine with me. Partner made a limit raise, I accepted and bid a game. Now I just let them have their way at the five level with only one option to invite partner on?
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
We play that bidding game at these colors creates a forcing pass.
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: Q A632 AT7 AQ985
Another hand where playing the support double as a good hand would simplify things.
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
I didn't splinter in hearts so partner might work out my forcing pass without a heart control.
Tony Verran's bidding problem: AKQJ 73 J764 KQ5
This hand is basically the same as AKxx xx Jxxx KQx. How many would bid 4S now? I suspect partner had a 3S bid originally.
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: T9875 K5 KJ962 J
Was wondering why my pass was unique.
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