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Cliff Donn
Cliff Donn
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Aug. 4, 2011
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58 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in the jungles of upstate New York (between Syracuse and Utica). Not retired yet so I don't play as much as I would like and it is a long drive to almost any of the local games.  I am an intermediate player at best with no aspirations to be more than that.  I don't play in NABCs and only rarely in regionals or sectionals.  However, I do love when I get to play.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning two knockouts in a regional in one week. I was pretty awful after the first two days but Josh was a hero!
Bridge Accomplishments
My son Josh has never strangled me no matter how ridiculous my bidding or play
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Syracuse Contract
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ACBL Ranking
Josh/Cliff Precision
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Going for the Cycle
I recently won three consecutive times at my local club (over several weeks because I don't play very often) with three different partners and playing three different systems (2/1, Precision, Schenken). Perhaps a fourth win with a fourth partner and a fourth system would qualify.
David Neiman's bidding problem: 5432 9632 AK6 74
For me, a garbage stayman hand has at least 3 cards in each major (normally 4 cards in at least 1 major) and 5 diamonds (thus at most one club). That is, I am going to pass partner's response to stayman no matter what it is.
Alternative to Lebensohl
No you are not the only dinosaur left who believes this. I still think the inability to make penalty doubles just invites more inference by relatively weak hands that makes your bidding difficult and that should be punished with big penalties.
Another Dream About The NABC
I dream I play a whole session with my son Josh and I don't make any mistakes that he notices!
I agree. East made some poor bids here. However all of this could have been avoided by west not opening this very poor hand in a suit he doesn't even want led.
How low have you run an opponent out of pass cards?
Years ago, playing with my son Josh in a club game in Rochester, New York (so he would still have been in college) we ran an opponent out of pass cards. She noted she was out of pass cards and Josh responded by taking all of the pass cards out ...
Rohit Dubey's bidding problem: xx AKxx AQJT xxx
I think there are different styles of precision one can play. I have had considerable success playing a simple form of precision with several partners in which many flat 11 point hands are not opened. Obviously in this case, it helped produce a poor score but that does not make ...
Systems with no forcing opening bid or with all 1-level openings forcing
It has been so long that I may be misremembering and it was something I played against rather than played but in the old Roman Club system (not Neopolitan, I am not sure about that one) I think all opening suit bids were forcing one round. I presumed this was ...
Director Please! Oops there aren't any.
This doesn't sound to me to be a likely good solution. Even a new player with passion for the game, and maybe especially a new player with passion for the game, will need to concentrate on playing and improving their bidding and play. The prospect that they would find ...
Confused old man
I think this is a great idea. He also may not notice if he is playing fewer board than the rest of the field each round. Sounds as humane as possible.

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