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Cliff Gillis
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Sept. 30, 2010
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I would have responded 1 with this hand but 1 can’t be criticised too much.
The opening bid was ok.
I’m amused by the suggestion that south should invite game on this hand. Particularly if North has shown 5.
Apportion the Blame
You are right-blind spot. If he cashes the A he will then get squeezed on the 3rd round of clubs so it’s essentially the same. More interesting on a spade lead.
Apportion the Blame
In 6N west can afford to cash his A and wait for his other trick. In 6 he can’t do this as that sets up a discard for declarer to ruff a d!
Apportion the Blame
6 can make on a squeeze but I don’t think 6N can?
Julia Palmer's bidding problem: K AKQT8 Q87 A863
Why would 3 show a 5 card suit?
Paul Gipson's lead problem: 943 AJ KJ976 KT9
I’m plumping for a club and I might as well lead the K in case dummy has the stiff Q or J.
Both are equally to blame for stopping in 4C. But having passed already, you couldn’t have a more suitable hand to bid 4D on the way so I blame North mostly for not reaching the correct contract.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Sorry I think we must have posted at the same time. If the original post is as fact as the director had established at the time then that is an entirely different matter.

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