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Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
I agree with your first two comments. Not so sure about the third - have sat on many appeal committees when getting agreement on the weighting was nigh on impossible. Presumably some sort of appeal was allowed because the score is now minus 2200. The real answer of course is for ...
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
I agree it would be better if the system allowed you to appeal.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
News to me that I never liked you. You played with a great friend of mine. If he was still alive he like me would tell the world your 'accusation' is totally unfounded. Like many others on this thread I agree with the ruling. Are you suggesting they never liked ...
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Answer to question -YES
Keep Bidding Cards on the Table until the Opening Lead Is Made?
Same in England -but as Yuan says most people pick up their cards straight away. However if you ask for them to be left noone seems upset.
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
Likewise 2 3 and 5 it is.
Thank you Zia!
It is quite humbling to read this. Two outstanding men.
Seating rights
The comments above cover most situations but I would like to share some personal experiences. Firstly I do believe seating rights are important. For around 30 years I captained a team of eight where you played 4 sets of eight boards. I chose twice .They chose twice. I kept records ...
Was this a fielded psyche and is the psychic bidder allowed to coach his client when the director is called?
What was the ruling from the TD ?
My first month away from the game
Brad Thanks for sharing this. For a different reason - the unexpected death of a son I had not played for three months ( my previous game I had won a major national competition ). I was surprised how little I missed playing as this was my longest break for over 50 years ...
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