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Aug. 28, 2015
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A better rating system
I believe Jeff is right. I know of a number of people who won't play with someone 'because it will affect my grading'. Whether that is true or not is a debatable point.
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BR My (English) son is a professor in the US lecturing in American History. You will be pleased he corrects grammatical errors - would be a full time job for him if he marked my work!! He has switched to using the word 'gotten' the derivation accurately described by DB above.
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JL -Pernickety grammar on BW is unlikely to result in fewer people playing bridge but pernickety behaviour at the table probably does.
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I agree 100% with Art's comments. Personally I would not want to play in a club that ruled you had to play the 2 from AKQ2 in the circumstances outlined. In fact I am not sure I would want to play a game that made that ruling. Ed - many ...
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BR - It maybe of interest to you to read Wikopedia on when to use less and fewer.
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JL Language evolves. The word 'gotten' for example is in common usage in the US. Derivation ?
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And we wonder why less people are playing bridge
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Don't think this is just a problem with poor players. A few years ago playing in the final of the Scottish Cup - their premier knockout event I claimed in a four card end position holding four trumps. There was one trump out but my top three trumps were higher ...
Happy Trails, Matt Smith
I only once played in the States when Matt was officiating but I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.
What is an Expert in EBUland?
I have to disagree with John who says' Some players will refuse to play in unfamiliar partnerships worrying (wrongly) that it will adversely affect their grade'. I disagree cautiously as John is one of the top contributors and his remarks are thoughtful and well considered. Let us say I play ...
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