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Constantin Moraru
Constantin Moraru
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Dec. 5, 2013
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Aug. 23, 2017
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about me

Logic and common sense adds more weight to words than self-written resumes.

Besides that, I have nothing interesting to write about myself.

Just another bridge aficionado.


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Constantin Moraru's bidding problem: AKJTxx xxxx --- KQT
Apologies for no spoiler alert. My intention was to ask for some opinions about how to reach 6NT knowing the N-S layout.
Constantin Moraru's bidding problem: AKJTxx xxxx --- KQT
South's hand : Qx K10x AKx Axxxx Any bidding proposals to reach 6NT? A trump slam goes down on ruff. At the table the bidding went 1-(2)-3-(p)-3-(p)-4-(p)-6-(p)-6 with a happy ending on ...
Play 7NT
Cannot squeeze East in minors as long as West still guards the clubs. The lead cuts the communication between the hands so on the layout where East guards diamonds with KJxx and clubs with Jxx and West guards the spades with Jxxx and clubs with Qxx, on heart lead 7NT ...
Play 7NT
If you test spades,the simple squeeze - against East still works if he has K and 4 spades or - if he has 4 and 4. The last one works also as against West if he has K and 4 .
Play 7NT
if clubs are 3-3, East guards clubs.
Play 7NT
There is a layout where nothing works, and that is when both opponents guard clubs, E guards diamonds and W has 4 spades. Jxxx 8x xxxx Qxx Considering that hearts are 4-2 or 3-3, cashing 5 hearts will lead to a decision moment where the declarer ...
Lucian Parvulescu's bidding problem: ATxxx --- x QJxxxxx
I would ask myself what does he thinks I have. Does my partner knows I have clubs and 4C is not a cue with D support? I wouldn't be surprised to find x Hxx AQJxxx AKx after 5C. I would also like to know from my opponents what is ...
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