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Cornelia Yoder
Cornelia Yoder
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May 18, 2011
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I haven't filled out my profile yet! If you see me, please DO NOT BUG me to do it soon.  I have everything in my profile that I wish to share.

United States of America

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The disappearing evening club game
Joe, several years ago, I tried a bridge game at Origins (much better than Gencon), and it drew 8 people, all but one were already duplicate bridge players. The problem is that places like Gencon and Origins are loaded with more attractive events than an old grandmother deck of cards ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
The split of opinions on start time of 50-50 is primarily because the split of "night" people and "morning" people is about 50-50. Morning people are asleep at the table by 10pm. Night people aren't even awake yet by 10am. This is physiological and not by choice. There is ...
New ACBL Convention Charts - general club impact
Are you saying these bids are allowed but Multi 2 is not??
New ACBL Convention Charts - general club impact
You might consider polling the players who would be most likely to modify their agreements and ask THEM what conventions they would add if the Open Chart were allowed.
Is this forcing?
Actually, Ovunc, the way I teach 2/1 is that in a 2/1 GF auction, you bid the 6 card major twice then the 4 card other. In a 1N Forcing auction, you bid the major, then the other 4 card suit, then the 6 card major again. The ...
ATB - Hopeless grand
Most likely they were playing first round controls first, but after he denies the A, East's continued control bidding should promise it.
ATB - Hopeless grand
East told his whole story with his 3 bid. If there is a slam, his partner should take over. After the diamond control bid, I think West should bid the 4N, but when he didn't, East should accept that. So I blame West for not getting to 6 ...
steaming tendencies
Many, many years ago, I played in my very first Life Master Pairs. Board 1 was a disaster, mostly my fault. Board 2 was worse because I was still dwelling on the board 1 disaster. So Round 1 we got two results that we knew (correctly) were two zeroes. Depressed ...
steaming tendencies
The decision has nothing do with whether I'm having a good day or a bad day. Anyone who knows the slightest bit about probability knows that prior events have no effect on future ones. I'll assess slam chances just like I always would.
How many times makes an implicit partnership agreement? I can tell a story that might help answer this. Several years ago, I played in a nationals with a BBO partner that came up from Bogata, Columbia, to play in our nats. Despite me telling him that he must NOT open ...
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