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Cornelia Yoder
Cornelia Yoder
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May 18, 2011
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May 24
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about me

I haven't filled out my profile yet! If you see me, please DO NOT BUG me to do it soon.  I have everything in my profile that I wish to share.

United States of America

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What went wrong here?
East did not overcall, did not respond when the 2 bid took him off the hook, and when West doubled again, ordering East to say something, East said diamonds. East didn't BID diamonds, he was forced to make a noise and he made a diamond noise. West should ...
Forcing or Not Forcing
This is what I describe as a Begging bid. It says, Partner, you can pass with a really bad hand because I don't want to punish you, but I'm begging you to bid 4 if you possibly can.
Forcing or Not Forcing
Wouldn't 4 show that?
The Missing Years
I have an excel file that I created for putting hands into .lin files from books. You can type in just the cards from each hand, then a copy/paste turns it into a .lin file. If anyone wants to use it, I'm happy to share -- just email or ...
The ACBL and the 15 second rule
I always thought that Bridge was a game in which you are [b]supposed[/b] to think.
Are penalty doubles a thing of the past?
I strongly advise my students NOT to learn bidding from the robots.
Counter-Defenses to Defenses to our 1NT Opening showing Majors
Stolen bid doubles remove the ability to double for penalty, and thus the opponents can stick in any stupid bids they want without risk. Lebensohl is a far better alternative.
Do you add 1Hcp for all 4 Aces?
Unlike in trump contracts, in NT, the number of HCP is an excellent guide to how many tricks you can take. For that reason, I never misrepresent my HCP when opening NT or during an auction that is clearly heading for a NT contract.
2H and 2S in fourth seatrd s
14+ with six. With 11-13, just open 1M normally.
Crunch Time
Mike, there is no Catch 22. Just do not allow the known nefarious people to enter your tournament and the problem evaporates for you.
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