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Cory Perkers
Cory Perkers
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Nov. 3, 2010
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July 15
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Cory Perkers's bidding problem: 743 T3 Q95 AKT64
Sorry, auction was incorrect. This one is correct.
Cory Perkers's bidding problem: 743 T3 Q95 AKT64
Disagreement between two stubborn people in a new partnership.
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
A few years ago, I had a partner who would sandbag after I opened and LHO doubled. Partner would pass, RHO would bid, two more passes and then partner would raise to 2 of my suit 1H-X-P-2C-P-P-2H. Normally this would show a max pass but partner would do this with ...
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
Sorry, posted twice.
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
This is what the recorder system is suppose to flush out. These things are recorded and if too many of them pop up on the same player, the player gets questioned about the bidding. The system will only work if people want to use it. Based on the comments here ...
How would you rule?
I am not advocating "People just don't do that kind of thing". I don't think there is a "normal" bridge play that includes playing the trump before the clubs. David mentions above, if you have a trump and you think it is high, you gotta play it. If ...
How would you rule?
Michael R: In order to force declarer to make the "Sanity Check" and play the trump first, it needs to be believed that the trump will be higher than an outstanding trump. If the remaining trump in Declarer's hand is the 4, it wouldn't be logical that after ...
Another idea to improve system compliance
I think the goal here is to tell the opponents the basic system you are playing, not an entire card with every gadget. It helps if you have different overcall structures for different systems or if the opponents spring something that you aren't prepared for. My LHO opens one ...
What would you say if you were director?
I had a bowling teammate who coached a high school bowling team. The students all had averages of 200 or better. At one practice the, the automatic scorers broke and none of them knew how to keep score (other than the coach). He yelled at the team and made them ...
Ethics at the Table in Memphis
IMHO, the determination of whether North acted correctly or not is based on if North thought they could be playing Meckwell runout. Opponents are entitled to know your agreements but not what is in your hand since you are allowed to deviate or misbid. After the auction but before the ...

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