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Craig Biddle
Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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about me

Two years (as of 3/2017) into my return to bridge after decades of inactivity.  Had an excellent Nationals in KC, qualifying for the final day of the NAOP (I wasn't alowed to play since I played with Kay Joyce who filled in for my partner) and the final day of the Silodor (but they didn't notify me until after game time and they didn't advise me that I should hang around the room until nearly game time so we didn't play), and made the overalls of the Lebhar.

United States of America

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Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities.
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Ruby Life Master
Ira Chorush - Craig Biddle
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Craig Biddle's bidding problem: A96 A AQT4 KQ973
Double got punished in a weird way. Partner, with Jxx KJxx K98x 10x, bid 2, and then bid notrump in reply to a cue-bid. Now a spade lead from xx followed by a heart shift allows the defense to force an entry to LHO for a killing 2nd round ...
Yes, but that was his worst possible result in the ending.
So they don't even give YOU access to the sarcasm font, huh?
The director was summoned, and ruled that he result was 10 tricks.
Snowball in Hell
Someone in the Bridge World many years ago constructed a deal where the contract was only makeable against one specific hand for opening leader.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: --- J4 AKQT843 K983
Oops, brain fart.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: A96 A AQT4 KQ973
Yes, me too. I thought this was a standout 2NT call.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK2 AKQ76 QJT4 5
How willing partner is to accept a contract of 4 comes to mind.
My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
Page 4 - what if you had passed 3?
According to the rule cited above, play continues only if one of the defenders had requested that and the other had concurred. This requires them to take a specific action, while neither of us acted at all.

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