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Craig Biddle
Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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about me

2nd in the Silver Ribbons in Memphis 2019.  Many people have congratulated me for my finish, and then added that I should not be too disappointed that we didn't win.  I play the game to learn about the game and improve my capacity to play it well.  This result told me that I can play it well enough to win at that level, and the fact that I didn't actually win is totally irrelevant to me.

USBF Junior mentor (having a great time with a half-dozen [now 8] very eager youngsters from 12-16).  Nearly made the top 500 in 2017, planning a stronger effort in 2019.

Occasionally play on BBO against Cayne and his pros, or Richard Pavlicek and partner.  I enjoy the opportunity to play against that caliber of players.  Win occasionally, too.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Contending the whole way in the Silver Ribbons and ending up second.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd NABC Silver Ribbon Pairs, 2019. Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities. Four straight 2nd day quals in Platinum Point events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Phil Goulding, Fred Schenker, Bernie Greenspan
Favorite Tournaments
Pittsburgh Labor Day Regional
Favorite Conventions
transfer responses to 1C and transfer rebids after 1D-1M
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ATB failure to unblock a suit before running it.
West should play a low spade when he wins the diamond. A positive Smith signal would also have helped. I would have done the same with the East cards; partner has been trying to get me on lead to play hearts and I have a lot of help there. I ...
ATB failure to unblock a suit before running it.
I prefer to use Smith in an obvious shift context. Does this make it "obvious Smith"? Essentially, West can't really provide any help in clubs and Ax seems like a bad shift to ask for. And diamonds are obviously wrong. So we want partner to play spades. To some ...
New suit forcing/non-forcing?
I would call it forcing on a fit. Raphael's example hand is a really good 12, with AK-A in the minors, 4-card support, and a doubleton spade. Game is very good opposite Axxxx Q10xxx x xx.
New suit forcing/non-forcing?
For me, X would be takeout of clubs with diamond tolerance, 2 without diamond tolerance.
Systems Down in ACBL-Land?
Just because we are Anit-ACBL reflexive barking seals doesn't mean that the ACBL takes care of its responsibilities efficiently.
Is this what bridge has become?
Please note that many of the incidents in described in this post are based on my confusion of several deals described to me during a very long phone call. I have it on unimpeachable authority that, at the table involving the WC pair, (a) nobody ever put their cards back ...
Is this what bridge has become?
Of course they are. But they are not supposed to request a revision of your claim without calling the director.
Assign the blame, history question
Yes, Allan. And the first "Eubie" column appeared in April, 1971. The first problem presented: 1. West A8653 AKQJ10 A K5 East 4 742 1063 AQJ983 South West North East .............1......2.....Pass Pass....3.....Pass.....4 All Pass
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Many of the frequent critics of the ACBL here are anything but reflexive. Many others are one-issue hot-button people who have a finger on something that should be looked into and perhaps changed. And there ARE long-term issues with the ACBL management structure. Finding the appropriate person to talk to ...
Major Suit Responses To Unbalanced 1!D

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