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Craig Hemphill
Craig Hemphill
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Jan. 5, 2011
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Platinum Life Master, Bridge Teacher/Mentor.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
AKQJxxx xx xx x Opened 4D NAMYATS vul vs. nv. against Kerri Shuman and Barry Crane - P P P. Down 9 for a top -- 6D cold for them.
Bridge Accomplishments
Editor Florida Bridge News seven years, twice president Unit 128. 128 and D9 boards many years. Unit 128 counsel and recorder. D9 counsel
Regular Bridge Partners
John Brady, Alan Stout, Alex Weiss
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Jacksonville School of Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, Jacksonville Fl regional, sectionals in FL
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, strong jump shifts, XYZ, splinters, 1430 RKCB with queen, side king, and third round asks, 2/1, weak notrump
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Platinum Life Master
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Board 4 from the 03/02/2019 Common Game
I agree that many club players would not overcall a four-card heart suit -- that is exactly why I showcase a method that I think is superior. The only sensible alternative is to pass, which hardly gets much accomplished.
Board 16 from the 11/17/2018 Common Game
You are welcome. However when I re-read my comments, the placement of the "Serious 3NT" comment might be confusing. Serious 3NT would be an option after the 3S bid, but the problem of getting the heart control involved remains. Once again, although the "aces first" control-bidders works better this time ...
Board 16 from the 11/17/2018 Common Game
Standard American, 2/1, Precision, etc., are constructive bidding systems that aren't really relevant to dealing with competing when the opponents open the bidding. North should double, after which EW will presumably remain silent for the rest of the auction. Standard methods (as opposed to Standard American) begin with ...
Board 24 from the 11/17/2018 Common Game
No, actually with east marked with at least nine cards in the majors, going up with the ace is simply the right play. Even if there were a guess, declarer would not go wrong, north having opened and must have the ace. Playing low is not logical --
Board 9 from the 09/01/2018 Common Game
Bid! 2H HELLO or DONT works just fine. BID!
Board 4 from the 09/08/2018 Common Game
"Rule of 20" is of no interest to me. Many hands that meet that rule's prescription do not deserve opening. Some that rise only to 19 are full-blown opening bids. The Rule of 20 was specifically designed to encourage players who kept passing borderline hands into bidding -- Marty Bergen ...
Board 12 from the 09/01/2018 Common Game
Heart to the king, ruff a low heart return, sift to trumps to prevent a club ruff.
Board 8 from the 09/01/2018 Common Game
Meant to say undoubted, of course. Hardly likely to incur a doubly.
Board 2 from the 08/18/2018 Common Game
Second seat is a special location when contemplating a "preemptive" opening. With one of the opponents out of the picture (having passed), the likelihood of the hand's belonging to our side is much enhanced, so the decision to open the bidding should lean toward the descriptive, rather than the ...
Board 2 from the 08/04/2018 Common Game
Smolen has nothing to do with this hand. Smolen is used with game forcing hands. With a hand as weak as responder's, the goal is to play the best part score at the two level. The issue is completely whether to transfer to hearts and pass or to use ...

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