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Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
Yuan, I hope you are being facetious. The reason 1N-3N does not admit of further bidding by opener is that there is a significant chance that no higher scoring contract above 3NT is makeable and very little chance that a better contract can be found. Further, opener has already described ...
Minor (suit) problem
In many auctions, 4m (agreed minor) can function as a last train when it is clear that it is forcing. Recently, though, I had a hand where a slightly different meaning of 4m would have proved useful if partner had picked up on it. I held: Ax-void-AJT9xx-AQJxx The uncontested auction ...
what does 3 hearts mean
I don't think there are strong arguments either way. Playing the immediate 3M as weaker seems more intuitive to me. It also has the objective advantage of getting higher, faster, and without bidding any suit(s) we don't have--generally a good thing with the *weaker* hand types. If ...
what does 3 hearts mean
You need methods to distinguish two hand types opener might have: (a) a weak 5=5 in the majors. opposite responder's 1N then 2N showing about 11 HCPs, opener wants to play in 3 or 3. (b) 5=5 majors, strong enough for game opposite 11, but ...
Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: Axxx AKxx xxx J9
My partner's don't psych, so I dismiss those concerns. Without the overcall, we'd undoubtedly be in game , probably 3NT. Here, partner pulled my penalty double, so I credit him with a minimum HCP shapely opener. Still, I think my hand is too good (certainly more than my ...
How would you bid this hand?
I find it hard to understand how a 3 follow-up can be right as that bid is not forcing (and it should guarantee four hearts since responder's 2 certainly does not). Once responder rebids 2, opener here knows that game must be reached. Having already underbid ...
Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
Correct--not using a certain sequence must be inferior to assigning that sequence some specific, well-defined meaning. If you think a certain sequence uses up a lot of bidding room, then that just means that it must show some very narrowly defined set of hands. But not using the sequence at ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: A4 JT4 J63 KQT94
It is a pet peeve of mine when partner rebids 2 with this hand (as mine does too often). 1NT then 2 is about the most negative, discouraging sequence partner can concoct--in fact, it is often done with 3 s too weak for a raise for the express ...
"Flexible signals"
1. Just the Q with partner is sufficient for a "beat" J or T is not needed. ( assuming he holds A--if no A, then declarer has 9 tricks unless we can cash *3* tricks immediately to go with our 2 s, meaning pard would need KJx. 2. Cashing ...
Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
It shows a strong NT (15-17) with a 5 card major. Cuts back on the (IMO) usually bad idea of opening 1N with this hand type (particularly with 16-17). Important to agree with partner whether this 3NT promises 5332 shape (I think that is a good idea), or if it ...
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