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Lebensohl lucidity
If you count advancer's "points" using the method advocated by Edgar Kaplan in his seminal "Competitive Bidding In Modern Bridge", you find: 1. HCPs: 8 (you don't count J) 2. length points: 2 (for 5th and 6th ) 3. shortness points: 5 ( void) That gets you to ...
Opening 1N with a singleton Ace
Of the various (good) arguments against opening 1NT with this hand, IMO the strongest one is that you can always rebid 1. I see no reason at all to seriously consider distorting the bidding with a 1NT opening when a nice 1 rebid is available after opening 1 ...
Jack Spear's bidding problem: A932 5432 --- JT432
I chose 4. If feeling conservative, I *might* settle for 3 (game invite in s). I can't believe how many are doing less than that with this hand.
What is percent chance of making 7NT?
I attempted to generate random (E/W) deals with OP responding hand and balanced 20-21 HCP with both missing aces opposite, and analyze those deals "manually" to see what I might conclude about double-dummy vs. real world declarer differences. I generated 50 deals with opener always having both missing aces ...
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: AK3 6 AQJ9 AJ762
I think 2 is far superior to 2. 2 describes 19+ HCPs with exactly 3 card support--just what we have. 2 describes a 1-suiter too strong to overcall. Shape and number of s unclear. I think the right call here is PASS as our ...
What is percent chance of making 7NT?
Ed, My intuition is that double dummy error will not be nearly as important as you seem to think. One way to gain some insight is to look at Richard Pavlicek's data comparing double dummy vs. actual play results from a large set of high level tournaments. That data ...
David Scharfbillig's bidding problem: 9x 9xxx Q9x AT9x
Clear to bid 3 first time (LOTT). I play "continuous range" Michaels. Partner's 3 (for me) is invitational with the understanding that *my* hand was not good enough to suggest game interest opposite a "medium" Micheals (around a minimum opening bid) last round. Thus, it seems obvious ...
Colour Coded Playing Cards
Great. So how do we get these to be used in ACBL tournaments?
What is percent chance of making 7NT?
Opening 2NT with a "19 count and :AKQTxx" depends on partner's proclivities, so unknowable in general. However, I would think such hands would increase the chances of making 7NT provided all the aces and K are held, e.g. xxx-Ax-Kx-AKQTxx has 14 top tricks even though that hand ...
What is percent chance of making 7NT?
As usual in these situations, most are too conservative in their slam bidding. Here are my results from three 2000 deal double-dummy simulations. Yes, I know that real world declarer in a grand slam will not make all the contracts that could have been made looking at all four hands ...
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