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Craig Zastera
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Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: A42 A32 KQJT KQ2
I see nothing special about our auction that virtually all other real pairs won't have. Seems like 1-2 (maybe GF)-3 will be an almost universal start. In my (and many) partnerships, after .. 4-4 should show 2/3 top honors. Some pairs may reach ...
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: AJT54 K76 AQJ87 ---
Originally picked a too conservative 4. I liked 4, but was worried that if partner continued with 4 (natural), he might think 4 by me would be Kickback for diamonds or just a heart cue-bid. But upon reflection, I think that 4 now and then ...
Robin Barker's bidding problem: A98542 K76 84 J3
Partner must have 3 s, 5 s and a very good hand (e.g. more like 24 than 22) since we have not promised any values at all in our bidding to this point and partner has forced to 4M. Thus, it is clear to make a slam try. 5 ...
Mark Jones's bidding problem: AT6 --- AKQ84 AKJ97
I pass 6 to show 1st round control and invite 7. Also has the benefit of allowing partner to double for penalties (which bidding 7 myself would preclude).
ATB: In competition, how much do you need to support partner's 2-level overcall?
South's 3 seems 100% clear-cut to me. I do not consider it to be an overbid at all. Of course, he *could* have more, but his actual hand is totally within range for his competitive 3, particularly NV and playing matchpoints. He expects his partner to have ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
6 is definitely an objectively superior contract to 6 on a statistical basis. I did a simulation to prove this. On a 2000 deal simulation of these N/S hands with constraints on the East hand appropriate for a NV 3 opening, 6 made (double dummy ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
I'll bet that 4 would not be unanimous or probably even the majority after (3)-DBL-(PASS). The main problem is that North is not strong enough to force to game. A common rule for when to act directly over RHO's pre-emptive opening is to assume ...
What to do
I don't think "bid on with higher number of keycards" is such a common agreement. Of course, I have heard of this treatment, but I've found it mostly played by lower level players (although perhaps some good pairs use it). Personally, I think it is a silly agreement ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQ9876432 3 K2 6
why will I take 8 spade tricks? Maybe West has KJT-AJ-A-AKQJT98
What to do
I pass because partner has assumed captaincy by asking for keycards. I told him how many I have, and he chose to sign off in 5. UI is irrelevent here. BTW, I would not have jumped to 4 with this hand. I think 4 (showing long strong ...
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