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Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
I only occasionally (and under duress from partner) agree to play weak (12-14) 1NT, so my comments here are likely even less valuable than usual. However, it does seem to me that defining a 1NT resposne to 1 as "8-10" solves much of the problem here. That way, if ...
Martin, Sorry, I got the auction a bit confused. I believe I meant North could cue-bid 3 over South's 3 as an alternative to just jumping to 5 immediately. Your suggestion of a splinter jump to 4 would be good too if it is clear ...
South's double and (PH) North's 2 cue-bid were correct. South's 3 is correct. North's 4, if non-forcing, is HORRIBLE. North should choose between 5 and 4. 4 would be my choice--could his hand be any better for a slam ...
David Eddleston's bidding problem: T63 T843 J2 A864
1NT forcing, then 2. An immediate raise to 2 should show a somewhat better hand.
David Eddleston's bidding problem: AJ Q98 6 AQJ9743
This one is close and depends on partnership expectations. I play in "sound openers" partnerships. The 7th is very important and I find my partners often don't "add" enough for the value of the 7th card when making these "2 vs. 3" rebids. Still, here the suit ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: AQT93 KJT3 T KJT
Jack, Me too. I would like it if problem setters, after waiting for the votes to come in, eventually revealed the actual lay-out to those who took the time to provide their considered opinions. Sure, one deal doesn't "prove" anything, but it is a data point and always of ...
What takes precedence; having both majors or expressing the NT strength and stop?
Double might "win" (vs. 2NT) when partner is very weak and has exactly a *4 card* major if we prudently pass his 2M advance (which is what I would do with this hand). But in all other cases (i.e. where partner is a bit stronger), the 2NT overcall is ...
ATB - Poor slam
The methods described are very weird and flawed. The 2NT rebid with the West hand strikes me as totally bizarre. Depending on methods, the choice would seem to be between 2 (my choice) and 2. But 2NT makes no sense. East's raise to 3NT with a 7 ...
What takes precedence; having both majors or expressing the NT strength and stop?
Patrick I do not understand either of your points. First, if partner advances 2 or 2, he is showing a maximum of 7-8 points and could have (much) less. Therefore, this 16 point hand is not worth an invitational raise to 3M. On your second point, I do ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: 7 A87542 74 9832
Thanks for all your votes. I held this hand and, like everyone else, passed also. You may be surprised to learn that this resulted in -150 defending (3) when we are cold for 11 tricks in s !! We could have held them to 10 tricks in s, but that ...
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