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Assign the passing blames
If there is any "blame" for defending (2) undoubled, I would have to assign it to South who might have doubled at least in pass out seat. However, after such a double, it is not at all clear to me that N/S will reach 3NT. The 3rd time ...
ATB - Undoubled contract
Not sure where you're from, Michael, but I'd bet that a majority of US players would open 1NT with this North hand (playing some sort of "strong" 1NT range). Personally, I think I'm in the definite minority these days as far as being reluctant to open 1NT ...
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AJ3 74 AQ9743 A9
Tough problem if 3 rebid is NF (as I play it). I chose 2. Most economical bid, correctly shows values in s and suggests more than a minimum. Forcing but not to game. Of course, my problems may not be over. Say partner rebids 3. What now ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: K52 QJ9643 --- A975
I find this kind of thinking to be all too frequently wrong. Just because LHO opened 1, it does not follow that he has AQJxx behind us making our king worthless. I don't want to give away the show on this deal until I collect more votes, but ...
Nicholas France's bidding problem: QJ86 QJ86 63 763
If I judge the hand good enough to bid twice, I start with 1 so I may be able to conveniently bid 2 later. I do judge this hand good enough, so 1. With a stronger hand, one could consider a cue-bid (2). The cue-bid is ...
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: 8x Axx J9x QTxxx
Depends on your agreements about negative doubles in this situation. My experience is that partner will expect four cards in the unbid major when I double a (2M) overcall of his 1NT opening, and choose that strain like a shot when he has four.
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: 8x Axx J9x QTxxx
I did a couple of simulations. One shows that (2) makes well over 50% (58%) of the time while 3 makes about as often. This suggests to me that competing is a better idea than passing. The other simulation involved looking specifically at partner's 1NT hands with ...
What is the weaker call?
The general rule is that bidding immediately to the contract to which our previous bidding has forced us is the *weakest* action. There may be specific auctions where that rule makes less sense than allowing "PASS" to be weakest.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: KQT2 --- J875 T8543
Assuming your partnership uses "support doubles", I would be confident that is what North's double of (2) is even without explicit discussion. I chose 4, but perhaps an immediate leap to 5 would have been better.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: A QJ965 A3 K7653
My partner held this hand and chose to rebid 2. We had had no discussion of this sequence, so I took this cue-bid to show some sort of maximum hand needing more info from me rather than as a natural passable call. My hand was: KT932-A7-QT765-2, and I chose ...
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