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2 Way Checkback Query
Well, 2 was still natural when opening was 1 if playing ordinary NMF, but not with "Checkback Stayman" wherein 2 is always used as the artificial checkback bid regardless of which minor is opened. But when the bidding goes 1-1M-1N, opener always as at least 4 ...
2 Way Checkback Query
Experience suggests it is better to use the 2-2-2N sequence to show specifically *s* rather than "opener's minor." No difference when opening is 1. But after 1-1M-1N, responder can invite with s via 2-2-3, but has no way to bring s into ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AQ54 AT7 7 AT854
I probably would have bid 1 the first time. Perhaps the actual auction worked out better as 1 now must suggest only four with long s.
2 Way Checkback Query
It is not necessary to play 2NT as puppet to 3. We play that 2NT directly after opener's rebid is invitational *without support*, while 2NT after the 2-2 relay is invitational with support. The idea of the latter is to suggest responder would prefer ...
Felix Shen's bidding problem: AJ98 K AQ754 T42
I do not belive that in XYZ the 2 artificial GF by responder is primarily asking opener to relay so that responder can describe *his* hand. If responder wanted to do that, he could just have bid 2 relay to 2. Or, if responder has GF strength ...
Felix Shen's bidding problem: AJ98 K AQ754 T42
A 2NT rebid over responder's GF 2 would be terrible. What that call shows, above all else, is a full stopper--exactly what this opener does not have. Now if you wanted to advocate that opener should bid 3 over 2 rather than his actual 3 ...
2 Way Checkback Query
Ray, I appreciate your comment, but I seem to have a lot of trouble formatting posts on BridgeWinners. The main problem seems to be that BWs eliminates white space. I find this quite annoying, as I use white space (blanks or even tabs) in order to format my posts for ...
2 Way Checkback Query
Here is an excerpt from my system notes covering "2-way NMF" after the auction starts 1-1-1NT. Note, my system is based on 5 card majors, 15-17 1NT openers, and modified Walsh style (i.e. responder with 5+ s and a four card major needs at least game invitational ...
Range Stayman after a Protective 1NT?
Range Stayman is most useful when the 1NT balance is over their (1M) opener because over (1m), with a NT hand stronger than normal balancing 1NT strength, balancer can start with a double and (usually) be able to rebid 1NT after partner's advance. After (1M)-P-(P)-1NT-2- ...
switching minors in non-leaping Michaels
We play exactly this way: 4 / (3m) = om & a major 4 / (3m) = majors 4m / (3M) = m & OM When 4 shows an unknown major, we use 4 to ask for the major. The idea is that these overcalls are GF just as "Leaping Michaels" overcalls of (2M ...
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