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Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: A643 AJT65 7 AK2
I want to make a splinter in support of partner's s showing short s, GF values, possible slam interest. In my methods, we play "XYZ", and splinters in support of opener's suits are made by going through the 2 ==> 2 relay. Thus: 1-1-1-2 ...
Sarik Goyal's bidding problem: 765 --- QJT9876 T63
For me (and many others, I think), 3 here would not be "pre-emptive", but rather a game invitational fit-jump (hence not appropriate with this hand). But if I played "weak jump shifts" (I don't), then I would surely make one here (3). I would not be worried ...
Do you adjust?
It seems to me that South's alternative to his balancing 5 (and the one I would have chosen) is DOUBLE. This would have led to 5N making 5 for a better N/S score. I cannot imagine passing out (4) with this South hand, particularly at ...
What Does This Double Mean?
Since partner's 1 overcall could be based on as few as 8 HCPs (some would go even lower), and all we have done is raise to 2--clearly showing fewer than 10 HCPs and probably only 3 s, it is hard to see how we can have any ...
Jeff Bayone's bidding problem: T64 5 KJT97654 A
I was unaware that Namyats was originally played backwards. Clearly better to use 4/4 to show the better hands because: (a) gives an extra step (4m + 1) which can be used profitably when responder has a good hand with slam interest (b) Opening 4M with the weaker ...
Max Schireson's bidding problem: AQxx AQxxx xx xx
Might be relevent to know if advancer's 2NT would be Lebensohl if we choose to double. Personally, I do not play Lebensohl over doubles of their 2 openings (but do over 2 and 2).
David Caprera's bidding problem: 5 AQ86 8542 AK75
Doesn't that depend on whether 2 (or 2 for that matter) is forcing? If it is not forcing (or even invitational) as I believe most play (BWS), then I don't see why 2 (NF) is particularly better than, say, 1NT.
David Caprera's bidding problem: 5 AQ86 8542 AK75
Obviously depends on methods. Assuming that new suit advances are not forcing and that cue-bid (2) does not promise a fit, this hand seems strong enough to start with 2 (forcing, fit not promised). I was shocked at all the votes for 1NT. This hand with 13 HCPs ...
Jeff Bayone's bidding problem: T64 5 KJT97654 A
This would be a 3NT opening in my methods to show a 4 level pre-empt in an unspecified minor. That convention goes along with playing 4 and 4 openings as Namyats (good 4 and 4 pre-empts, respectively). But since OP did not specify methods, I voted ...
Suit combination: QJ8x opposite A7xxx
But the "A" option (they are not labled, but I would assume the first one listed is "A") is the one where the A(ce) is cashed first. My point is that this is *NOT* the way one would play the suit at matchpoints with no special circumstances.
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