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Craig Zastera
Craig Zastera
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June 28, 2012
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about me

Retired software engineer (Microsoft), living in Woodinville, WA.

Have played bridge since high school (starting 1965).

One national championship (Silver Ribbon Pairs) and a couple of 2nds in under 5000 national events.

United States of America

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Diamond Life Master
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Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
All that is necessary is to define on which auctions a 4m bid is forcing (showing slam interest perhaps) vs. which auctions 4m is an attempt to escape with a plus score (i.e. NF). It is unreaslistic to put so high a strength requirement on all "GF" bids (e ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: QT6543 K63 AK5 A
2 is what you would rebid with one fewer ace. Rebidding 2 with this strong a hand is a recipe for missing a cold game.
Bill March's bidding problem: A4 Q96532 43 Q32
Otherwise, it's perfect.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K7 AK6 Q7542 QJ9
I thought it might be amusing to see how the probability of making 3NT using Ezra's example responding hand: (Q42-Q32-?-AK5432) opposite OP hand (K7-AK6-Q7542-QJ9) changes for various values of "?" (i.e. which spot responder holds). Each result was based on a 5000 deal random simulation. For control ...
Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
Definitely forcing. Up to partnership agreement whether it is ever possible to stop in 4m or whether we have to keep going to some game regardless. Kind of like whether "2/1 game force" is 100% forcing to game or whether it is sometimes possible to stop in 4m. My ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K7 AK6 Q7542 QJ9
As your example shows, it is certainly possible for partner's hand to be such that 5 is better than 3NT. But I do not see a good way to determine that, hence with 5 s to the Q, my tendency would be to just try to make 3NT ...
Ivan Borković's bidding problem: AQJ9876532 8 73 ---
I would try Namyats (4) if available even though this hand is a bit strong for that. But the VUL vs. not conditions are actually very helpful for Namyats with this hand as those conditions argue for a slightly stronger hand in terms of playing strength for 4 ...
Sukhu Nayyar's bidding problem: 84 J863 AQJ95 83
Crazy agreements! First, how can a passed hand justify forcing to game opposite a 3rd seat opener? Answer: he can't. So the "fit-showing" PH 4 doesn't make much sense. However, a PH also cannot justify bidding a new suit at the *3 level* without a fit, *and ...
Kayden Ge's bidding problem: QJTx AKTx AKx Kx
Although I'm sure someone can construct a hand where 6 makes but 6NT doesn't, that seems unlikely to me. So I bid 6NT as (given my hand), I expect partner to have at least :AQJxxx and K and/or A for his 6.
Richard Unger's bidding problem: AK532 J86 T AKQT
Given that you state 5NT guarantees all the keycards (including Q presumably), I'll bid 7. But since this is matchpoints, I do not think that is the best agreement as sometimes in can be advantageous to use king ask to try to reach 6NT (rather than 6 ...
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