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Csaba Czimer
Csaba Czimer
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March 22, 2013
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about me

A system geek, even played strong pass (Regres) when it was allowed.

Of course have my own relay-Precision, which is of course the best one in efficiency / memory load ratio Smile

Graduated as a mathematician, work as a software developer.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making a small slam in a 5-4 fit after finding QJxx on the wrong side. And some succesful falsecards. I forget them easily, thus I write them on my homepage sometimes.
Bridge Accomplishments
6 national titles in Hungary, some cups from Pula Festival
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival (Croatia, each September)
Favorite Conventions
bids showing or asking shortness
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Top players playing weak (12-14) NT in a natural 2/1 system
Natural system today simply means that their first 2-3 bids are usually natural. Overall they are not less complex or artificial than an artificial system.
Major Suit Responses To Unbalanced 1!D
How do you bid the strong gambling type hand if you use 1 - 1M - 3N for supporting the major?
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Namyats traditionally has an upper limit (8.5 - 9 tricks as I know). Let's say you open 4. Partner bids 4. And now? 6?
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
An option, we play like this: - 1: NAT, F1 (rarely GF, can be played as passable) - 2: any GF hand, start of a relay sequence - 1-2: suit (6+ weak, or 5+ INV, some special GFs) - 2M-1: INV with support (mostly 3 cards) Another option if ...
Slam invite question
About 10 years ago I had a similar poll on my homepage, where someone suggested that with 1-suiter it is better to use 5 to look for control because that way we can rightside the contract when partner has Kx.
Surely not another missed game with 10 trumps
We (I mean a lot of good hungarian players, if such thing exists :)) play that XX then minimal return to partner's major shows limit raise with 3 trumps. A cheap way to raise, better then 3M-1, especially if you open light.
Surely not another missed game with 10 trumps
100 % East: 2 means "sorry, I should not have opened, but have 6 hearts"
ATB -- Missed slam
West should have bid 3 splinter. Easy. East had hard time, 3 may lead to a misunderstanding. 3 (cue bid or lack of spade stopper, what a nice meaning) makes some sense, 3nt is a bit unthinking. Perhaps 4 or 5. Was it IMP or ...
...and it all went horribly wrong...
With 8-12 hands strong opener can ask responder's hand: 1 - 2 _ 16+ // 8-12, 1-suiter 6+ 2N - 3 _ relay // short 3 - 4 _ ORKC // good hand, 0/3 keycard 4 - 4N _ kings? // K, no K 5 - 5 ...
18 bids in a row
The longest sequence I could construct and can make sense in our system: 1 - 1 16+ // 8-12, 4+ or BAL 1 - 1N R // BAL 2 - 2D R // 4 2 - 2 R // 4 2N - 3 R // 2, that is 4 ...

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