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Curtis Cheek
Curtis Cheek
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 6, 2010
Last Seen
Oct. 8
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Bridge Pro
about me

I love playing bridge, teaching bridge, and just thinking bridge. My best friends are bridge pros; my father-in-law (Marc Jacobus) is a bridge pro; my daughter's boyfriend is a bridge pro, etc. You get the picture. My wife (Phyllis Harris) would probably be a bridge pro had we met earlier than 7 years ago. As it is I convinced her to quit practicing law in order to travel the world with me and my posse of Bridge Pros. I love my life

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Gatlinburg Midnight Swiss with Phyllis, representing the US in the Buffett Cup, making snowmen with Phyllis at midnight in a Reykjavik snowstorm
Bridge Accomplishments
1st Reisinger; 1st, 2nd. Vandy; Coach and Captain Bermuda Bowl Silver Medalists, 2012 Buffett Cup,Icelandair Open, Yeh Brothers 2nd and 3rd, Cavendish Pairs 2nd, 3rd, 5th
Regular Bridge Partners
Joe Grue, Allan Graves, Geoff Hampson, Lynn Deas, Ishmael Del'Monte, Huub Bertens, Marc Jacobus
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Las Vegas, Sangerdi Iceland
Favorite Tournaments
Yeh Brothers Invitational
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Tricky ruling
3 jacks facing a passed partner. South knew his opponents had a. minimum of 26 hip,. but decided it was more likely his partner had psyched a 1st seat pass than the opponents were having an accident. I would give an appeal without merit penalty to NS. Players can't ...
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: --- A63 KQ974 KJ872
what about double? isn't that 100%
Yeh Bros Cup 2017
Sorry, this is Phyllis Cheek, not Curtis, and from not so neutral an observer... Team Kokish is in the finals...YAY!!!
Yeh Bros Cup 2017
The organizers have been wonderful, the hotel is fabulous, the gardens beautiful, the staff at the hotel are beyond helpful, and the food just couldn't be better!
And Another One Bites the Dust
As someone who has known Mike Passell for over 35 years, I have no doubt of Mike's ethics, at and away, from the bridge table. All of you who are denigrating him, have not read that he was found NOT guilty of any ethics violations. I, for one, have ...
What is your bid?
Pass, but with one less , I would bid 2
USBC Appeal #1
Response to Kit: You said, "I think the argument for not saving if the 3C just shows clubs is as strong if not stronger than the argument for not saving if the 3C call is a diamonds raise" If I submitted a poll: Given the alternative meanings of 3C, do ...
USBC Appeal #1
Response to Bud: The AC write-ups ARE sent to those involved, who are asked to check for factual errors. When I corrected comments attributed to me I was told that the telephonic connection was poor (this was a telephone committee), which might explain the mistakes, but that my comments didn ...
USBC Appeal #1
South Speaks: The AC writeup states, "South contended that he was concerned that if West ended up playing in 6D that North might not lead a singleton club". Apparently this was how the committee interpreted what I actually said, which was 1) I assumed East's failure to raise diamonds ...
Bidding Decision 1
xxxxx Axxx Axx x on a diamond lead we make 4H with 2-2 clubs and 3-2 hearts. Opening leader may well lead a short club suit. QTxxx AQJxx Qx x We make 4H, they score 6D It feels like they're a photo for 3N, which a misguided pass may ...

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