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Aug. 15, 2013
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Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?
"I will note that, historically, several cheaters have been readmitted (or, having been suspended, reinstated) and then made positive contributions to bridge--the late Alan Cokin comes immediately to mind" Other than Cokin, who are these "several" players? Cokin's the only one I'm aware of (and for a different ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
No, it goes beyond that, he implies that failure to alert would be basis for an adjusted score. That can only be true if not alerting violates the ACBL rules, not Kit's rules.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
That's my understanding as well. I don't understand why Kit thinks this is alertable.
Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?
"But should the punishment resulting from a conviction for cheating at bridge (collusive cheating for compensation at the highest level) be a life time ban?" Yes.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
DB, you think you're being funny, but that has happened to me.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
I disagree. Knowing who the players are is important information to getting rulings right. Here, for example, Glubok had AI from LHO's comment that a diamond was the winning lead, and AI from partner's pass that it is not. Who to believe? Knowing that LHO was a world-class ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
btw, the last time I reached 7NT off an ace (entirely my fault) the ace was on lead. I guess Levin and Grue are better players than I am,
Restricted choice: real life example
It took bridge experts several decades to figure out how to play A9xxx opposite K10xx. That suggests to me there aren't a lot of real world analogies.
Restricted choice: real life example
I don't see that this game is connected with conditional probabilities. It is about understanding that 1-6 and 6-1 are two combinations, while 6-6 is one combination.
LEE Leads Reisinger
In theory, probably so, but I doubt anybody will think these particular players are dumping.

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