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Director call - have I missed something?
These appear to be the relevant laws, although why anybody would think they apply to this situation is beyond me: 73D2. A player may not attempt to mislead an opponent by means of a question, remark or gesture; by the haste or hesitancy of a call or play (as in ...
Great Players; Great Books
Who said anything about remembering? True, Love is poorly written, but when I was learning about squeezes it was about the only thing available. I do not think about squeezes using Love's terminology, rather by picturing endings, but reading through all the examples was helpful in learning how to ...
What has partner got?
William of Ockham wasn't particular about spelling, but might not have liked being mistaken for his town.
Bidding Options
This sort of hand plays better than its HCP opposite a club fit, and not very well if there isn't one. Best is to show long clubs, then bid an appropriate number of NT; partner will be well placed to get to the right spot after that, whatever it ...
What has partner got?
For a similar auction from real life, see here:
!S Jx !H AKxx !D AKxxx !C xx
My 2 rebid as well. (1=4+ unbalanced + transfer rebids)
What has partner got?
Above game slam try missing both minor aces? I don't believe it. The examples above are unpersuasive; why should partner have an ace, or a heart honor? Your side can have 27HCP and still be off 3 aces, or two aces and the KQ of trumps. No, partner has ...
Stong marmic
Love it or hate it.
Leveling the playing field for newer players?
I remember these booklets, although not well. They were a long time ago.
What are opponents entitled to
Perhaps more practically, South African Texas can be used that way. If you want to make that a focus of your system design I have no doubt there are other things that can be done.

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