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Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
After both opponents passed at the 1 level the chance they can run 5 spades is quite low. I don't have a strong opinion about best methods here but I don't think focusing on spade stoppers is a good approach.
Which game is least bad?
I'll play a weak NT system, and start 1-1. If nobody overcalls 1 I'll proceed to 3NT and expect to make it. If they tell me spades aren't breaking I'll bumble around in the minors and probably arrive in 5 (or lower ...
Take Your Only Chance
"You would expect him to try hearts while there is still an entry to the dummy." Not really. When a defender discards a heart with that dummy it's a red flag he has five. The inference that declarer would not be playing spades this way with a heart is ...
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Ben: yes, and ducking the first trump in both hands may convince declarer to go down when trumps are 3-2 all along. It gets complicated.
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Rubin-Granovetter had a very long sequence of consecutive bids during their long streak of CTC wins, 1977 or thereabouts. Don't remember if it was longer than yours or not. btw, I wouldn't admire getting to 5 on these cards. Against me they'd have a singleton club to ...
Does multi go for more numbers?
Pretty risky if 2 is only a weak 2 (i.e. not forcing).
Right Contract for the Right Player
Partners who put down perfect cards for your auction are rare. Keep this one.
You are now the King/Queen of the ACBL, what next?
Call Jan and delegate authority. She might be too smart to take the job, though.
Donations Needed
You already do.
Jan Kamras elected EBL President
First thing I do with a new device is turn off the spell checker. It makes more mistakes than I do (believe it or not).

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