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Dale Lacey
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March 18, 2016
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about me

Played competitively for 15 years in my twenties and thirties, gave up for 35 years, then returned to the game as an old man in 2013.  The brain no longer works as well, but I seem to be enjoying it more!!!

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How far do you have to go in "protecting" your opponents?
If I've understood the original post correctly, I would have thought that there are only two allowable explanations: * either "12-14 balanced" * or "undiscussed" "12-14" is accurate (that's what they agreed the bid would mean). It doesn't matter that (given the bidding) North is unlikely to hold that ...
What is a No-trump range?
"Max range in ACBL is 5 Milton Work Points. Else banned." I suppose I shouldn't ask, but why would they want to impose an apparently arbitrary limitation like that?
How do you act and alert after partner's missbid?
In this particular case, the issue wouldn't have arisen at all if we were required to "announce" cuebids (on the same grounds that 1C and 1NT are announceable, which I assume is that surely the partnership knows the meaning of the bid and surely the opponents need to know ...
Alternative to Lebensohl
What is your advantage over Rubinsohl, Tony? That you can distinguish between competitive and invitational hands when the suit is lower ranking than theirs?
Alternative to Lebensohl
(DELETED: Inserted in the wrong place)
Alternative to Lebensohl
Over their 2S overcall, X=NT, 2NT=c, 3C=d, etc. (EDITED: 1S changed to 2S. Thanks, Mike)
Alternative to Lebensohl
Thanks, Martin. You say "not a big fan". What sort of problems have you found with the approach?
Alternative to Lebensohl
Serge: Thank you. Gonzalo: Yes, giving up the takeout double would have a cost (which I guess could be partly compensated by aggressive balancing, although that approach also has its costs). Another factor is that 44 fits are less robust after the opponents have announced a long suit (there's ...
Avoid the Ruffs
I presume that the problem with playing it your way round, David, is that if there's a further raise immediately over your double then partner still doesn't know your suit so can't judge whether to bid game. Whereas, if it's Kit's way round (that is ...
For the Throat
Thanks for that, Csaba. I'm still interested in views on whether our decision on how high to preempt should: A: continue to be mainly influenced by ***RELATIVE*** vulnerability (unfav/equal/fav); or B: should at least partly be influenced by ***OUR*** vulnerability (because of Kit's "accidents happen" comments ...
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