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April 9, 2013
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Measuring Deductive Reasoning
The Cornell Critical Thinking Tests might be suitable for your task. They can be administered from age 10 onwards.
Mistimed or Misguessed ?
Not 100% Florian - East might have a singleton or void diamond, which I reckon at about 12% given the spade break. But still pretty good odds, and nearly 10% better than line B.
Mistimed or Misguessed ?
Line 1 is the better line. Christopher is wrong about the hands where RHO has a singleton heart. He's right if declarer fails to notice that RHO discards on the first heart ruff, but an alert declarer will ruff a diamond back to hand after winning the A in ...
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
In one partnership, we invert the 2NT and 2 rebids, with 2 showing a 17-19 balanced hand (we play 14-16 NT). Responder bids 2 with an invitational hand, and 2 and 2NT are puppet relays, either to play or to show various minor suit hand types.
Away from Tannery Row
Sarah, you know full well that the declarer in your slow played hand did not say that he was playing slowly to confound the opposition. Indeed, I believe you apologized for that misrepresentation at the time.
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Queen Margaret laments a costly revoke in Henry VI, Part II: “A heart it was, bound in with diamonds.” Shylock also has cause to regret a careless discard: “Why there, there, there! A diamond gone cost me two thousand ducats in Frankfort (sic).” Junior bidding seems to cause some squabbles ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Apologies, Lilias. An autocorrect error, but my fault for not noticing. Peter's source is a blog that only ran for a few months. There are a few red flags for fact checkers: it misspells stature instead of statute; it talks about British stature, when UK law generally distinguishes between ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Liliana, I too would have been shocked if these were legal terms in 2005. Peter's post illustrates another problem with quoting from the internet - it is often wrong. Idiot was a legal term from the middle ages, and imbecile became a legal term in England and Wales from the ...
Harry Meacham's Yarborough
There's a reference to the coroner's report in the Independent (Elizabeth City, NC) of August 30th, 1929. See the top of the page. The coroner, S.A.Nathan, believed the death to be an accident, and that Harry thought ...
A game of pigs.
That looks right. The description of the game in this article matches Pedro. I can't find a working link to the rules of Pig, although there is a fleeting glance at them in this video.
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