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Director, Please
If this needs an alert (which seems likely if this is a possible hand, according to the regulation you posted) then this would be dealt with the laws on misinformation which is currently law 21 "LAW 21 - MISINFORMATION A. Call or Play Based on Player’s Own Misunderstanding No rectification ...
Asking Laws questions during the game
I'd suggest that idle curiosity might also fall under 74B4 "prolonging play unnecessarily (as in playing on although he knows that all the tricks are surely his) for the purpose of disconcerting an opponent. " or 74B2 "making gratuitous comments during the auction and play. " I feel that players should ...
How would you rule?
The EBU and WBF have some clarifications/interpretations that I think relate here and argue against the idea that the declarer must still lose the diamond queen when they could throw it over lsoers. The EBu white book states: "8.70.8 Law 70E: Unstated line of play in claim ...
Ethics and legality
IF anyone is interested in where the specific case law David references is listed, it is in the EBU White book: "8.73.1 Hesitating with two small cards Pausing to consider whether to signal is an infraction, under Law 73D1. The player has failed to be ‘particularly careful in ...
Clarification of Tom Kniest Hand
I don't find that mid boggling. The directors don't have the luxury of players giving them distinct subsets of times, so if they are taking the estimates into consideration, there has to be a line, and that line will make it such that there will be some overlapping ...
Your call
Paul, even if non systemic then there are very possibly logical alternatives. If there are LAs, then one or more might be suggested and as such we can't do whatever we like in many cases.
Another BIT
You're in a cynical mood today :). Although I remember a Yes Minister quote (probably paraphrased): "A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist". Whilst I agree with most of what you put, you seem to be saying that any adjustment for UI should generate a PP. Whilst I ...
How Would You Rule?
If you can't determine what exactly the result would have been, which is normally the case, then it's better to give a weighted score, assigning percentages to each based on a rough estimation of the likelihood, weighted slightly in favour of the NOS. With this method it's ...
Favourite Novelty Conventions
One of my partners and I joke that, when defending, discarding the seven of diamonds at the first opportunity says "The contract is making".
2!C-Multi ?
I've played 2c like this with a couple of partners for a number of years. I quite like it when 2d is used for other options that an weak 2. It does have some obvious downsides compared with a vanilla weak 2 in diamonds though: 2c can't be ...
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