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March 29, 2013
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Another BIT
You're in a cynical mood today :). Although I remember a Yes Minister quote (probably paraphrased): "A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist". Whilst I agree with most of what you put, you seem to be saying that any adjustment for UI should generate a PP. Whilst I ...
How Would You Rule?
If you can't determine what exactly the result would have been, which is normally the case, then it's better to give a weighted score, assigning percentages to each based on a rough estimation of the likelihood, weighted slightly in favour of the NOS. With this method it's ...
Favourite Novelty Conventions
One of my partners and I joke that, when defending, discarding the seven of diamonds at the first opportunity says "The contract is making".
2!C-Multi ?
I've played 2c like this with a couple of partners for a number of years. I quite like it when 2d is used for other options that an weak 2. It does have some obvious downsides compared with a vanilla weak 2 in diamonds though: 2c can't be ...
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
Where I've directed and played in swiss pairs events (this is England) it's usual to put out 2 boards per table, with the boards being passed to the lower number tables. This would mean 1 set for every 4 tables in 8 board rounds, although having a couple ...
I want to see the hand
I agree Ed. I thought I covered this in the reply but if not I aologise
I want to see the hand
To attempt to answer the question on the laws (and purely hypothetically of course, without commenting on the gamesmanship). The relevant claim laws are 68, 69 and 71. 68 defines claims and concessions, 69 is about agreed claims/concessions and 71 is about when a director cancels a concession. There ...
Future Claims Procedures - if proposed 2017 laws are accepted.
If a claim is obvious, then the claim statement necessary will be short, easy to make and easy to understand. Stating it as you put your hand down will not cost any time. Any obvious issues, or easy to avoid issues should similarly not be hard to mention. If you ...
Break In Tempo
No irregularity has occurred at the point that NS are asked to agree whether there was a BIT. There is (potentially) UI, but this isn't an irregularity. The law, however (quoted above) is specific that anyone disagreeing, in this case north, should call the director. Of course if this ...
Break In Tempo
Law 16 B 2 "When a player considers that an opponent has made such information available and that damage could well result he may announce, unless prohibited by the Regulating Authority (which may require that the Director be called),that he reserves the right to summon the Director later (the ...
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