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Dan Putnam
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July 6, 2017
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about me

I learned party bridge as a teenager and read newspaper columns during college and working years.  Didn't start playing duplicate until 2009.  As a language enthusiast, I was fascinated by the possibilities of bidding.  In fact, I made up my own bidding system and played it with a partner for about a year, until I was asked to become a director and found out some of my system was illegal.  Oops!  Don't worry.  We didn't beat many people, and the only complaints we got were that we weren't alerting enough.

Small Club manager in Eastern West Virginia, about 80 miles from Wash DC

I direct regularly at two local clubs and sub at others nearby.  

I think the key to becoming a better player is to study the game and play the game in an equal ratio.  

Words of wisdom - Practice doesn't make you perfect.  It makes you efficient.  What you learn wrong, through practice, you will repeat faster with less thought.




United States of America

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Silver Life Master
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Have you e ver seen a worse claim
I love it. I recently tried, "I'm going to run my spades, hoping for a revoke."
BIT Ruling and Aftermath
As a playing director, I go to great lengths to avoid ruling on calls involving me or my partner unless the facts are undisputed and the law is clear. More often than not there is not a second director at the game. The downside is that I frequently feel I ...
Was this the correct ruling?
I did. Thanks.
Was this the correct ruling?
The failure to alert was MI. If North knows or strongly suspects that he has every right to ask. I do agree with the 3 down one though because South was misled.
What are your rights and obligations when you don't know who hessitated at the other side?
Chris, after the director told you to make your normal call, did you turn to your screen-mate and say, "I guess you're the one who has to pass."
What are your rights and obligations when you don't know who hessitated at the other side?
What's the logic behind, "You may have received demonstratively suggestive UI even if you have no way of knowing?"
A "friendly" game
As a director I wouldn't enforce that agreement (referring to your first three paragraphs).
4H odds?
I hope you're going to give us the answer, because I can't do the math. But when that dummy comes down, I'm guessing 55%, which may rise or fall depending on the lead.
A "friendly" game
The only time I might tell opponent to take back his card is if he is a beginner. But in no case, would I consider my generosity reciprocal. You wouldn't give someone a Christmas gift and then ask, "where's mine?", would you?
Bridge clubs and regulations.
It seems to me that the Director's Decisions book is a relaxed version of Laws. I wish they would update that. More importantly, I don't think we need two sets of rules so much as we need to acknowledge that we have a wide variety of players, with ...

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