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Dan Wolkowitz
Dan Wolkowitz
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Aug. 9, 2010
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Trump leads against part-scores?
Read the title as a news report of a poll
4!s declarer play
If you're confident that spades are 3-2, you might do even better by pitching on the third diamond if East follows. If you get overruffed by Tx you'll only take ten tricks, but if you pitch I think you always make 11.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
True. Upper left corner. But it's also not alertable!
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: T42 K84 K9 98732
I expect partner will pull with a 6-5 hand
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Jonathan, As a former president of your club (2006-2009) I must say I'm not shocked that this has happened. We had all sorts of trouble with the club in those days. I think the normal way to get what you want at Harvard is either to have some faculty ...
0661 solid hearts.
I think if partner can have a hand with 4-card support and 0 points and you’re immediately ~75% to make a slam, it’s probably worth a jump shift.
Lebhar IMP Pairs in Memphis
Why doesn't this event start on Saturday? People could try playing the Platinum Pairs day 1 and drop in without missing anything. Virtually no one who makes Day 2 of the PP wants to miss the Vanderbilt.
Vintage Precision Opening Bid Question
I personally wouldn't have splintered on this hand. Despite the fact that partner won't play you for >15 HCP, you don't have more than a 3H bid. If partner accepts game on virtually every hand with 5 hearts, then you're not going to miss many reasonable ...
Monday morning quarterbacking
He's saying that if you give South the 8, 9, or 10 of clubs (which are the only possibilities and which West knows, considering he can see all the other spots) then there is no way for South to lose any club tricks. South cannot take a second round ...
Calculations of Master Point Awards
Who cares? The only thing I dislike is if someone posts on Facebook that they made the final day of the LM pairs without specifying that it was the 0-6000 or 0-2500. That feels like an overstatement of accomplishment. Once someone is at an NABC they’re committed to playing ...

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