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Dan Zagorin
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Sept. 18, 2010
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Brian Zhang's bidding problem: AKQT9832 43 --- 875
I don’t think even Kit would open 2hts 2nd chair on jxxxx
A two-fer
The auction gets very confusing after 1c1d1ht I think most people bid 2sp gf not 3 sp then what does the opener bid? 3sp doesn’t show 4. Very tough to get to spades
A two-fer
Why 1c 1d 1sp?
Rebid over force
I prefer to bid 3d over three hearts because I don’t want to be raised to 4hts. If partner has both majors hopefully he/she will bid 3hts which I will pass
Finn Kolesnik's lead problem: x KT9xx xx Kxxxx
Michael Not surprisingly I agree with much of what you have said. In general on an auction like this I would feel an aggressive lead is called for and if I had only one king I would likely lead from it but having two Kings and only 2 small diamonds ...
Where is Everyone?
Love this Brian. Thanks for making the best out of a bad situation
Finn Kolesnik's lead problem: x KT9xx xx Kxxxx
I think a passive lead might work best here maybe dummy has 3 trumps and a ruffing value with partner having diamonds behind. Unlikely you hit partners ace in a rounded suit and you might need more than a queen in that suit to beat it.
Victor Xu's bidding problem: Q93 KQT53 QJT4 5
Always bidding game if partner bids 2hts I bid 4cl
Cornelius Duffie's bidding problem: J KT2 JT75 A9742
Tough problem. Game could easily be on. Could even make a slam. Hopefully I don’t get qxxxx aqxxx q qx
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: AKQ8xx --- xx KJT7x
If you were to guess 6cl feels better than 6sp. You protect potentially kx of diamonds and a bad spade split

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