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Which version of Precision?
This is a very interesting question, if we happen to play in the US, would 1M-1NT game forcing be illegal (unless in some high level events)?
Bidding-practice webapp
Nice work! If you could add some more features (like setting up suit length(s), stc), I would actually use it. This way, you just have to bid whatever comes up, not parctice specific situations (we do a lot of relaying in our strong , depending on the situation). My ...
Best defense against Big Club?
The most popular defense in Hungary has several names, mostly called Timbuktu: every bid is EITHER a transfer (single suiter), or the next 2 suits above (eg. 1 is s OR +). This is bad, unless you can preemt with both versions (have fit). Otherwise, by the time ...
Do You Count Your Cards?
I always count my cards, but it had happened that two other players (incuding my partner) had not, so we got a penalty. But these days, as we play the MP champs on tablet, we don't have this kind of problem.:)
Format for National Team Trials
Hungary All teams are selected by team KO matches. Seeding by Hungarian masterpoint list. 1st plays 4th, etc. Semifinals/finals usually 128 bds. Exception: the mixed teams trials, with the lack of dates available, it was played off over a single weekend (64-bd semis and final). Sometimes there are less ...
Roman Key Card Queen ask
We play spiral scan, so first step always denies the asked value, higher steps show the card and the next in line. So this time, 5 means no Q, 5 is queen but not the next king, 5NT shows queen and the first king, but not the second ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
This has to be at the discretion of the directors. I was doing the bulletin in Opatija (European Youth Pairs), and as a journalist, I was allowed to watch both sides of the screen - as a spectator only, this is a no-no, of course. (there was no BBO coverage.) I ...
The Next Step
Once more a reference to another card game I used to play, Magic: the Gathering. Their rules are built up around casual, or serious tournament games, they call them Rule Enforcment Levels, I think there are 5, 1 being the most lenient (for beginners, club/shop games, etc), and 5 ...
We play with tablets on Sunday
That was one of the reasons I stopped playing on BBO with random strangers - always getting the 'pls play' comments, or worse, getting kicked off the table for not insta-clicking. This is not a horse race, or not even poker. Sometimes you have to stop to think, let us have ...
1430 or 3041?
As it was said but not stressed before: it all comes from the laziness of people wanting to play 4NT RKC with all suits. If you tried minorwood/kickback, this question would never come up. I heard people say '4S as rkc H? I could never remember that...' - well, sorry ...

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