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Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
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July 19, 2011
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about me

Egyptology just doesn't pay the bills!

I have started a blog related to robot bridge.

I am also streaming robot bridge, follow me at I play nearly every day at 6:00 am Central.


United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting the woman whom I would later marry
Bridge Accomplishments
National wins: 2014 GNT B, 2013 NAP B, 2009 Red Ribbon, 1990 NLM Swiss National 2nd: 2015 10K Swiss Other National Top 20s: 6
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Bridge Club of Houston
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Diamond Life Master
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Daniel Jackson/Mike Doyle
2 over 1
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7NT On a Double Squeeze
I wonder what the matchpoint score for the laydown 7 was. Interesting hand, thanks for posting.
Meanwhile in San Antonio
I happen to be chairing the August sectional in Houston. The unit boards approve scheduling, budgets, and so on. But tournament chairs have a great deal of leeway.
How to continue?
I like the transferring of control line. A, K getting the news, Q, and T. Let RHO win if covered and play for squeeze on LHO. If RHO ducks, let LHO win their honor and play for squeeze on RHO. The defenders get to choose who ...
Meanwhile in San Antonio
Way too logical.
Meanwhile in San Antonio
With a number of teams in the event that is not a multiple of the number of teams in a bracket, you can put the extra teams at the top or you can put them at the botton. We've tried putting the extra teams at the top (adding a ...
Meanwhile in San Antonio
Working on that. Also, there are usually 9-team brackets (8 matches of 6 boards) rather than 7 (6 matches of 8 boards) in the bracketed round robins for two reasons. First is that a 9 team bracket will have four overall places rather than 3. The second is that there ...
Soft Question on Bridge vs Chess vs Backgammon
I give people the Bird. 1. f4.
Invite with 8 points?
Sims are sims, real life is real life. I would be convinced that 16+8=12+12 if and only if someone did analysis on a decently-sized set of real hands. I wonder if The Common Game folks could provide a suitable data set.
Invite with 8 points?
Sims are useful and maybe I have confirmation bias but a double dummy sim is only an approximation of what will happen when a hand is actually played.
Is this a good matchpoint slam?
If you are not in 3NT played by North, then yes.
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