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Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
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Basic Information

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July 19, 2011
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April 21
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Bridge Player
about me

Houston-area resident. Used to live down the street from James Kirk.

At one time was ranked #23 in the entire ACBL in "Pending Points".

I'm related to Louis Coulon DeVilliers, who was the only soldier to force George Washington to surrender. So there's a long tradition of winning in my family!



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting the woman whom I would later marry
Bridge Accomplishments
National wins: 2014 GNT B, 2013 NAP B, 2009 Red Ribbon, 1990 NLM Swiss National 2nd: 2015 10K Swiss
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Club of Houston
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Daniel Jackson/Mike Doyle
2 over 1
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Nice. I was thinking drop the K under the ace.
Can an invitational-classed club game restrict entry in this manner?
I was under the impression that invitational/open was at the club level, not on a per-game basis. Therefore illegal. I do not see an invitational option for club games in ACBLScore, but I could be missing something.
Best play for overtricks
Right, strip the red suits first.
What do you play now?
There might have been a system issue as David plays a lot of weak NT and the hand in question looks too good to open a 12-14 1NT.
Say No To Cheats
I think Frank is saying, "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!"
Good or bad news for cheaters?
There are several kinds of cheating devices. I would be surprised if no one had ever used one to cheat at bridge.
Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules
Peg, it all depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is. :)
Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules
The flyer for the tournament says that top brackets in KOs may be handicapped.
Rare Squeeze
Stepping stone.
Conventions that work best (when they don't come up)
Support doubles come to mind.
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