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Daniel Landau
Daniel Landau
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May 27, 2013
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Dec. 4, 2019
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about me

In my residency for neurology.  From Jersey living in the Bronx.  BBO handle Righty1486.  Always trying to improve my game.


United States of America

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Daniel Landau's bidding problem: A62 A4 A876432 3
Yes I agree, it was mostly just my own sanity check.
Daniel Landau's bidding problem: A62 A4 A876432 3
Is 3d forcing?
Daniel Landau's lead problem: 8543 6 54 KJT864
If partner had doubled 7h, what would that mean?
Captain's Diary, Day 2: Lebanon, Poland, Monaco
The 6 slam is quite a hand. The south hand is actually squeezed in 3 suits. I pondered if a double dummy low club lead would set the contract, since this would seemingly hinder declarer's ability to ruff a diamond (this is actually not true on the layout ...
Daniel Landau's bidding problem: T9765 T62 T7 K54
So here is a link to the companion hand. So far, 72% of voters are bidding 4c on that hand (some suggest double rather than 4c, but that is a minority view, if anyone wants to expand upon it feel free). Partner is about ...
How to bid slam on this hand?
I can picture grand with partner having AKx Kxx AKxx Axx. Most minimum hands I'm conjuring up will have some play for slam (at least on a finesse) so I think I have to drive to at least small slam. *Edit (Maybe I should have thought about this longer ...
A Gem from Today's Cayne Match
You guys are too good. RHO was in fact 0-4-7-2 so LHO guards clubs, RHO guards diamonds, and the double squeeze operates as described by several posters. Neither declarer at the two tables found the line to make all the tricks.
Daniel Landau's bidding problem: 87 JT53 T53 KT96
Interesting thought and I'm actually a bit surprised more people haven't tried this mini psych but I think often the opponents sniff you out and still just bid their spade suit.
Daniel Landau's bidding problem: 87 JT53 T53 KT96
I can see the reluctance to bid 4 since if they double us there we are likely going down a bunch. However 3 as Kieran commented does not take away a 4 cue bid; also they can still jump to 4 conveying strength (as opposed to ...
Daniel Landau's lead problem: 72 AQ93 86 J9432
2n was natural. Presumably X would have been penalty for one of the suits but this was not explicit. This was a pickup pair on BBO.

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