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Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles
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Nov. 24, 2011
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11 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Canadian National Team Champion - '12, '15, '17

0-10k Fast Pairs Winner Fall 2017 NABC


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the knockout stage in the 2012 World Championships in France, leading going into final segment vs Monaco
Bridge Accomplishments
Canadian National Team Champion '12, '15, '17. 0-10k Fast Pairs Winner Fall 2017 NABC
Regular Bridge Partners
Daniel Korbel, Jeff Smith, Steve MacKay, Justyna Żmuda
Favorite Tournaments
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Justyna Zmuda
2 over 1
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Danny Miles and Sondra Blank
2/1 (exc 1!d-2!c), xfers over 1!c, multi-2D, 2M opener M/m weak, Gazzilli
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2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
Most of the questions being asked, are now answered here: Note you can expand the "conditions of contest" section for more detail.
The Kibs Are Not Alright
I'm with you Oren, for a month I've felt like I'm banging my head against the wall explaining to those who don't understand what is being proposed. Let's say you are bored one afternoon and log into BBO. You look and there are 87 team ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
Fred, Bobby et al, I am 1000% in agreement with Debbie. If the hand records are there, some people will cheat. You say the events don’t matter, and there is no motive to cheat, but I’ll finally bring up the elephant in the room, which I was hesitant ...
Can cheating be stopped in online bridge?
I will note the Online Contract Bridge League (OCBL) which runs almost weekly events, has now switched to no kibitzers, unless via delayed VuGraph. Today begins a 16 team mixed event.
Is it my imagination, or has navigating this site slowed down of late?
Noticeably slower the last few days. 51 seconds on GTmetrix (terrible). Looks like they've also got Google Analytics tracking code installed (smart move) so should be simple for an admin (not a lowly user like me) to pinpoint the pages that are slow and correct the problem.
Congratulations Team Gupta
[url=]Finals 1st half[/url] [url=]Finals 2nd half[/url]
Can cheating be stopped in online bridge?
^^^ This is the type of guy that can be a big help in this area. [url=]Andrew Black[/url] I had the same [url=]idea[/url] but was told BBO did not have the capabilities currently. Never ...
Anti cheating committee
I've said my piece earlier [url=]here[/url], but at the risk of opening a can of worms, the "talk" is that there is most definitely cheating going on in the higher profile events. I applaud the group for taking the bull by ...
By the skin...
On the likely spade lead from South, North should insert the 9. Though if he wins the K and returns a diamond, declarer would likely finesse, playing the overcaller to hold 5 spades and at least a modicum of values - it looks like North is making declarer guess between the ...
Potential cheating in the coming ACBL Endless Summer Tournament
Reminds me of a bit from Seinfeld's latest Stand-Up special: I go through customs and the guy asks me, 'Do you have any alcohol? Any drugs?' Is this an effective interrogation? Is anyone going, 'Bingo, you got me, I didn't see that question coming. 20 kilos right there.'

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