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Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles
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Nov. 24, 2011
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about me

Canadian National Team Champion - '12, '15, '17

0-10k Fast Pairs Winner Fall 2017 NABC


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the knockout stage in the 2012 World Championships in France, leading going into final segment vs Monaco
Bridge Accomplishments
Canadian National Team Champion '12, '15, '17. 0-10k Fast Pairs Winner Fall 2017 NABC
Regular Bridge Partners
Daniel Korbel, Jeff Smith, Steve MacKay, Justyna Żmuda
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Sapphire Life Master
Justyna Zmuda
2 over 1
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GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
To everyone who claim they’ve never seen a 3-IMP margin result in a tie in VPs, it’s because they’ve never played a long match scored by VP (understandably). I believe it’s been this way for a long time. The 20 VP scale rewards larger margins of ...
Winning the Canadian Championships playing 5-handed
Very well done Fred & the rest of the 5-some and good luck in China! Interesting as a side note, a few years ago the CNTC was extended from 8 days (4 RR, 1 QF, 1SF, 2F) to 9 days (4RR, 1.5QF, 1.5SF, 2F) but this year was cutback ...
How Angry Should We Be?
Couldn’t care less, and sure, some locals will be upset. But if people complain about small fields, declining attendance, one section open pair games, 4 team brackets, etc, then running 6 tournaments simultaneously won’t improve the situation. Maybe you don’t need Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois and New York ...
How Angry Should We Be?
Another question is why are there SIX regionals this week? Holiday or not, that’s overkill IMO.
Does Anybody Know why the Official Result has not been Posted in the Donn-Fleisher Match?
Other hand was K9x Ax AKJxx xxx. The 5-5 hand also had the 8 and 9. I challenge you to find a better “non-100%” grand slam (in NT) than this one.
Las Vegas NABC accomodations & activities recommendations, no cars (unless renting is cheap) but we are young enough to walk.
In addition, the Vdara is even closer to Cosmo than those two - walk down the flight of stairs (or take the elevator) beside the Vdara entrance and you are at the Cosmo parking lot. Vdara is non-smoking, non-casino. MGM property (same as Aria & Bellagio). Connected indoors to Bellagio (about 5-7 ...
WBF U26 Online Championship Round 5: USA vs. Canada
Correct. East was playing 1N-2x-2(x+1)-5Y is exclusion, while 1N-4c-4(c+1)-5y is a slam try with a void (and likely two fast losers on the side). He thought 5NT was GSF, perhaps Qxx xxxx AKx AKx
WBF U26 Online Championship Round 5: USA vs. Canada
I'm the NPC for the Canadian team. The US juniors played wonderfully and were fully deserving of an even bigger win (we lost 2 instead of 14 when USA's excellent 6 ran into a ruff). Best of luck going forward!
Congrats:Canadian Womens Team 2019
It qualifies you to face Mexico for the last Zone 2 spot for the 2019 Venice Cup. This year, Canada will host Mexico.
Congrats:Canadian Womens Team 2019
Richard, there were 10 teams entered this year. Noteworthy given in 2 of the previous 4 years, the event was not held due to insufficient entrants. Perhaps the addition of the Mixed Teams (beginning today) brought more women out to play, as they can now enter two events back-to-back. I ...

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