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June 28, 2010
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Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
you missed an obvious reason - the stature of the game is compromised by recent scandals
Assistance Via Simulation Please
for 2. are 22, 23, and 24 HCP hands equally weighted? They should not be, for approx every four times you have 22 count, you will have 23 count twice and 24 count once.
Rare High-Level Decision
Neither. W is showing that he wants Diamond lead if they save over 6 spades. E is not banned from looking for 7 if he really likes 6D, but its not grand slam inviting.
Looking for consensus
The question is is not set up properly, whats the scoring, vulnerability, did pard open 1st or 2nd seat, etc. Luckily the hand in question is very clear non-4 spades bid no matter what. Still, 4 spade bid here still have a range of wrongness, from if pard opened 1st ...
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
Hold on a second, there is a strong wiff of praise for Kalita's bid odoring here. That strikes me as resulting at its worst. All we know is that it worked well this time, no more, no less. Also, the whole argument about that being a "key moment" is ...
A pet peeve
technically 2S bid is a relay, but a) most people dont know the difference, b) those who know, also know that relay is a dirty word better to be avoided in ACBLland so the transfer it is.
What do you assume? What should they be?
tricky situations, you can make a case for all answers, would hate to have to deal with them at the actual table, I am just glad I was with majority in all six answers, so catastrophe would likely be averted.
The notorious doctors
Interesting. IMO if you are going to play two systems based on vulnerability its better to base it on opponents vulnerability, not yours. If they are vul play strong club, if they are not play natural. In any case, if I am mixing it up I would prefer to adjust ...
What is a No-trump range?
If you are prone to use your judgement just say approx 15-17 on your card and you are fine, as long as you are as likely to upgrade as downgrade, if in practice one outweigh the other add that to the card too. If they want to know more you ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
If I could like Jim's post 100 times I would.
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