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Danny Sprung
Danny Sprung
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June 23, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Mixed with Jo, winning my first club game with my grandmother
Regular Bridge Partners
JoAnn Sprung
Favorite Tournaments
Any National. Gold Coast Congress
Favorite Conventions
Transfers over 1 Club, Multi 2 Diamonds
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Settle A Bet
Moving the 4th to another suit leaves you with the same 9 losers, dos it not? I would think the 9th trump would be at least worth 1/2 loser.
Couldn't Walk the Dog.. They Closed the door
On this side of the pond, I rarely see anyone using judgement to bypass a 4 card major
Couldn't Walk the Dog.. They Closed the door
Fine at match points with an understanding partner. Somewhere between bad and terrible at IMPs
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
It wasn't an impossible lead, but at trick 2 he failed to cash the known setting trick, instead he gave his partner a ruff. This was against a doubled slam.
Board 10 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
I like the jump past Blackwood to show an exact number of KC. What are the general rules about that?
Ron Smith's bidding problem: Q9xxxx Jxx xxx T
Well, it is IMPs, anyway
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: x Kxx JTxxx AKQx
If we can't make 5 and can make 3NT, partner probably didn't have a 3 bid. If we can make 6, we better let partner know we like clubs now.
Ron Smith's bidding problem: Q9xxxx Jxx xxx T
2 is the bid you would make with a 4333 Yarborough. It is true partner might be some annoying shape like 2146, hoping for a penalty pass. Still, game is likely enough that this hand is worth 3
Long Suits
I once held a 9 card suit. Not so exciting, except partner opened the bidding 1...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: Q62 K9642 Q7 A54
I generally agree with what Marshall wrote. The key for me is that my partner knows not to drive to game with an ordinary 12 HCP, and that I play 14-16 1NT. This hand fits well as a minimum opener in that structure.

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