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Danny Sprung
Danny Sprung
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June 23, 2010
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Bridge Player

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Winning Mixed with Jo, winning my first club game with my grandmother
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JoAnn Sprung
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Any National. Gold Coast Congress
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Transfers over 1 Club, Multi 2 Diamonds
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Diamond Life Master
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When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
We play 1NT is clubs. All of the strong Gazilli type hands are handled, and there is less memorization. The most important feature is a bid at or below 2 that shows 3 card support. A nice gain for this structure is the attractive shapely minimums don't have ...
Do not misplay this slam (like I did ....)
How about some bridge logic, and shelf Monty Hall for today. The opponents have 10 spades and 16 HCP. West had a cheap (albeit unfavorable) 1 call available. That has to make the spade AK together far less likely than it would be using simple math.
When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
We promise 5 with our 1 opening, and at least 54. So 1 can be any 4441. We also treat minimum 2452 as balanced for the same reasons one tends to open 1NT with that shape when in range.
Conceal the Spot
It is true, we might be in big trouble if we Double as 4th hand when responder has a GF hand, but I’d guess that when you do have the values to compete, the 2NT bid is weak with clubs close to 90% of the time.
Kickback Konfusion
There is a small hidden disadvantage when hearts are trump. Often one has a hand that would prefer partner to bid blackwood; either because our trumps are too poor (see my comment in the Bartusek thread), or all are values are prime, and partner will be able to 'see' our ...
1NT, MPs, first step
It's not like you have A432 of Spades, the Jack and the 8 both give you chances for 2 spade tricks if the opponents shift to spades.
Bots Are Coming at You
That is true, Arend. But bridge IS different. It is the only game among those mentioned where you have a partner. It is the only game where your partnership needs a LANGUAGE. Those are very big leaps. If you think devising a language is easy for computers, I ask you ...
Conceal the Spot
They actually give you 2 bites at the apple. You could double with the example hand, ie strong NTish values, not necessarily perfect shape; pass and double could be more takeout oriented.
Kickback Konfusion
Kickback superior when no doubt about the trump suit. It takes a lot of extra bidding accuracy to make up for the giant disasters.

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