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Dave Beer
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April 14, 2015
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John Newman's bidding problem: AKQT7652 --- AKQ7 A
I will also bid the grand ff I find out that partner has 3-card support (the 3rd most likely holding).
John Newman's bidding problem: AKQT7652 --- AKQ7 A
4-3 break is 62% plus some extra chances if hand with shortness is also short in is probably a lot better than running . Even I would forgo the opportunity to Beer.
John Newman's bidding problem: AKQT7652 --- AKQ7 A
I have no way to find out if partner has J but if I open 2 and rebid minimum number of followed by minimum number of I might find out if s/he has 4-card support. If that doesn't happens I will settle for 6.
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: KT93 Q643 JT3 Q4
I would have passed 1NT.
James Huntington's bidding problem: K84 AQJT743 6 K3
On a really bad day you go down in 4.
Systems with no forcing opening bid or with all 1-level openings forcing
The original version of Roth-Stone didn't include a forcing opening bid when used at matchpoints. Churchill has no forcing opening bid but it is a 4-card major, weak NT system with no conventions. There were a couple of books on it but not sure if you can still find ...
James Huntington's bidding problem: K84 AQJT743 6 K3
Would 2 response have been strong jump shift?
Rajan Iyer's bidding problem: Q9 Q87 9874 A532
Is there some reason I didn't bid 2 over 1?
Stefano Merlo's bidding problem: 32 QT842 QJ7 J74
I have no controls and "... and probably not a minimum" is not the same as maximum. If opener doesn't accept we probably aren't missing a good slam.
Which Slam?
Was your friend one of the believers in SDAM (6 always makes)?
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