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Dave Waterman
Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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about me

Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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Sapphire Life Master
Dave & Terry Waterman
2/1 Game Force
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Responder's splinter rebids after a 2-over-1
More than that would not be fine, IMO.
Dave Waterman's bidding problem: Q84 7 AK64 KQ754
I know people like to bid. Just posted this to see whether the Decades-old "Count your Spades" teachings were still being followed.
Would you roll this back?
Other= both choices...2 and 3... if the Double was explained as 5-7. Other= both choices...1 and 3.. if the Double was merely alerted but not explained.
Warning: Viewer Discretion
If choosing a partner from this group, I choose North.
Legal Agreement or not?
Yeh. That's our thing here. 2 is alerted as might not have a lot of Spades, but Opener must show shortness or two or three of them.
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Even though we don't play Bergen raises, I explain "mixed" as a Bergen-ish four-card raise -- the one which doesn't invite game.
How do you play this double?
If MR believes a Double suggests penalty -- ever -- we should take notice.
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Yeh, that seems better.... leaving 2 as a 3-card LR. Next time, we will have that agreement.
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Agree that 3 is our mixed raise here. Agree with DBox that this hand is stronger for Spades than 'mixed'.
Break In Tempo
Regarding peer polling: IMO, there should be 'judicial notice' taken in certain cases. When a player has made an opening preempt or a Notrump opening, Pass is always a logical alternative to acting again unilaterally.
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