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Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: 64 KJ5 KQJ6 KT65
This is a style problem. Playing a strong club, partner's double really ought to be quite stronger than a natural opener's partner. Given that, and we have a fairly clear lead, going plus by passing is well aimed. The likelihood of their making is balanced by us going ...
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: Axxx xx QJxx AJx
I think now bidding 4S is inconsistent with our choice of passing 3H. When partner chooses to double, playing this style, they are actively wanting us to bid 3S there with this good a 1D opener.
Board 19 choices
stupid thing, I followed the online help.
Board 26,April26, Norway vs Poland
thanks, Barb. Fwiw, Arjuna chose pass, and I made 1NT.
What would you bid next? (based on Board 8 issues this week)
I prefer 3D as a neutral bid. Mainly because partner knowing you want to be raised with a doubleton is much more important than showing a 5-5. Of course, having methods with this hand as responder is important, too. It is criminal to think 2S then 3S is a 6-5 ...
Board 12: April 9
Hey, Jessica, nice action report, but some analysis, perhaps? Like, why did you choose 2D instead of 2C? Should a reopening double be mandatory there? After all, what should east's double of 2D be? Then, is east's choice of pass reasonable, or ought they bid 2H, suggesting three ...
Board 13, 9 April
I detest the Sydney NT perversion. A great way to avoid making minor slams. There is no great hurry to bid NT here as you can bid them the next round, but there is a hurry to describe your hand shape to partner.
Board 5 Sweden v Canada. Did you get to 3NT?
I saw this auction: P: 1D: 1S: 1NT: (which is much better than a 2C bid) 2C*: 2D*: (2-way check back) 2S*: (Invitational with 5+ spades, not hearts) Which is much better than any I've experienced yet. Sadly, south then fell from grace and passed rather than bidding 3NT ...
Bd 14 April 9th Canada vs Sweden
The big flaw with double is that you have no obvious action over 2NT (Lebensohl). At least with 2NT we can duck spades twice, and it really only is grossly inferior if partner has Qx of spades.
Board 1, Sweden vs Canada, 9th April
WIDB When In Doubt Bid.....I have carved that into partner before.

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