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Board 23, 19 March
Perhaps the not playing with a singleton is being mistimed here.
Board 25 19 March practice - Bermuda Bowl 2007 Brazil v Netherlands
A fairly simple 11 tricks as north is auto squeezed in D and S. note that if south had 4 spades, then in hearts and spades. Life is easy.
brd 20 nswba practise match March 16th
Also, is that a 1H or 2H overcall? The vul is nil, so this is different from a near identical one at unfavourable earlier. I would accept an argument that this 6322 is a weak 2 (only if you never jump with 5), whereas a 6331 would not be.
brd 20 nswba practise match March 16th
A typical problem: good clubs but three card support. So the choice here was 1S or clubs. I like the idea of clubs then spades with this type of hand. I think the jump to 3S in Helene's auction was thoughtful.
brd 20 nswba practise match March 16th
Nice, almost all the cookies, barring 4S instead of 4C.
brd 21 practise match 16th March
So, again, the interesting question is what to do with the East cards over 1C. Three possibilities occur to me, all with some negatives. 1) Double, as here, but when the oppo reach 2S in an eight card fit, and partner is not interested, maybe it is time to defend ...
Bidding Question based on a recent hand
A bit like saying you forgot transfers over a NT once, and so they are useless. Clearly using transfers here is a big help, especially with the in between hands. Also, your fits go into a transfer to partner's suit, so we have that. Btw, if I have to ...
Bidding Question based on a recent hand
I'm much distressed by those who play 2C as always having a fit. What does one do with the same shape, no club stopper and a 14 count? Also, playing new suits are NF is a poor way forward given how light people open... you are having to pre-empt ...
Board 7, Italy v Argentina 12 March
So, do you think 3NT is the call with the East hand? Perhaps there is too much potential there, or perhaps the spade stop is insufficient. As an aside, I like to bid as close to 3S as I can afford there (without gross misrepresentation). So 2S seems the right ...
Board 6 March 12 Argentina v Italy
Pele, there is plenty to analyse. For example, ought east open this hand? I'd say yes, and I am an old man. Those working pips make the hand attractive. Next, what should south do? Pass with a bad suit and poor points? But then west bids 1S. Should north ...
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