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David Babcock
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March 26, 2011
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June 20
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Club Manager and Game Director, Key Biscayne BC, FL; Professional Member, ABTA

United States of America

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Fort Lauderdale BC, FL
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Help - BBO teaching table
That works. :-) What I had banged together is for the purpose of providing a student who had just played a set of boards with me at a teaching table (vs. robots) with something they could use to review the boards, with GIB at their fingertips, *externally to BBO* - a constraint ...
Online Play Video Tutorials Playlist
As the video on Undos and Alerts shows, when a player clicks the hamburger button to be able to Undo, the bad news is that "Redeal" and "Deal source" also appear. The good news is that clicking on them doesn't do anything (at a teaching table anyway). But they ...
Help - BBO teaching table
At a teaching table, when you see a hand in History > My table, you can click on "Export" and then "Handviewer link". But what do you do then? If your browser is the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge (not yet shipped, but downloadable), it has a "Collections" feature that lets you copy ...
Are ACBL virtual club games visible in myhands?
Well, the midday issue wasn't entirely bandwidth - the situation was no better in late evening. More info when we have it.
Directing in the age of Corona
@Jeff: "David I like your idea. Don't know how to implement it." Full-duplex voice is available for teaching tables, and copying that capability to particular types of tournaments where mics would be muted automatically by rule is surely doable (given staff time, admittedly a big "given" just now) - but ...
Are ACBL virtual club games visible in myhands?
Chris Hasney and I were successful just minutes ago in conversing via the voice capability that BBO supplies for teaching tables. It is full duplex. There was some dropout which we attribute to bandwidth issues at this time of day (BBO is showing 45,000+ players). We will connect again ...
Are ACBL virtual club games visible in myhands?
Are ACBL virtual club games visible in myhands?
OK, so it sounds like the boards in the virtual club games are preserved (IOW not tossed immediately after the session as they would be at a teaching or bidding table). So, after the event I should be able to log in using my client's BBO username and password ...
Are ACBL virtual club games visible in myhands?
TWIMC, Local testing tends to support some threads on the BBO forums that suggest that the availability of voice support at teaching tables in BBO v3 is more than slightly "iffy". Voice works if I start my browser (Chromium-based Edge) and go to *via Favorites ...
Are ACBL virtual club games visible in myhands?
Yes, it's duplex as far as I can tell in my test in my workroom here, but at 10 by 10 feet it's hard be sure what one is hearing. :-) It appears that as long as teacher and student both click on "Start speaking", both can speak at ...

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