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David Babcock
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March 26, 2011
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Sept. 18
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Game Director at Key Biscayne BC, Key Biscayne, Florida

United States of America

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how best to serve a certain demographic?
Apologies to all. Is it psosible for me to move the post, or do I have to repeat it?
Tablets with a table feel
or a bit of paint comes off the rank or the suit designation and the dealing machine freaks out
looking for used Dealer4 machine
I did after reading your suggestion, and his reply was that used Dealer4s for sale are "rarer than hen's teeth" - which is consistent with the lack of success with local inquiries that led to my post. This all speaks very well for the product: the PlayBridge folks fully deserve ...
Penalized for not alerting a self-alerting bid by failure to alert a P/C
One of the benefits to a club player of the almost-lost practice of kibitzing top players at a tournament when the only alternative is a side game with a pick-up partner is that you learn that at the highest levels, full disclosure is the norm. It is very unfortunate that ...
for movement wonks only
Yes, as Gordon has also pointed out; thanks to you both. I may make up table cards with a ¾-Howell on one side and the same with an appendix table on the other: if/when the 13th pair shows up, the Norths just flip the card.
for movement wonks only
I've long suspected that H7ROVER came into being precisely to handle a late pair to a 6-table Mitchell without the dreaded 4-board sitout. An arrow-switch does improve the balance, but it's still not very good. Another improvement is to replace the NS bumps with detours by EW to ...
for movement wonks only
@Gordon: "If you thought it might happen, you could have started with an appendix table - based on a 3/4 Howell or a double-hesitation Mitchell" Bingo! Never thought of it.
for movement wonks only
@William: I set that up in ACBLscore's EDMOV and it reported no errors, but a look at the pair guide cards shows a flaw: each moving pair meets one of the other moving pairs twice (both meetings at table 2). This is not a fatal flaw IMHO but it ...
for movement wonks only
What is the initial boarding?
for movement wonks only
The reason not to resequence is to keep things as easy and familiar as possible for the players. IMHO that should be a factor in movement choices, though admittedly just one of several.

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