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David Boxley
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March 9, 2012
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Haven't played seriously in over 25 years.

United States of America

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Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: J5 5 QJ9653 KJ84
My first thought was pass but then I took another look :)
Can Eser Yurtsever's bidding problem: AKQJx J 92 AKxxx
I would have used Michaels but whatever. I can't fathom passing 4, and there were 3 passes so far! It can't be forcing.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AQ62 AJT2 A2 T97
That's possible but unlikely and even then they may not leave it in.
William Scott's bidding problem: 8 AT965 A6 AQ875
But what does "no agreed system" mean? Limit, forcing or weak? I think it's a pretty reasonable question. Wouldn't change my vote anyway, but now my 4 bid might have different connotations. Just curious.
Alan Frank's bidding problem: KQ9 J852 A K9875
Patrick, I have had partners suggest that treatment but they never seem to know what continuations apply after the LR. Also you lose two bids which I like: 1/2=weak and 1/3=natural invitational and don't get much in return.
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AT84 A4 QJT KQT6
The whole, or at least main, purpose of cue bidding is to determine if you are off 2 top tricks when considering a slam. Use (non-)serious 3NT to decide whether you are in the slam zone. If you are willing to start a cue bidding sequence and then later ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AT84 A4 QJT KQT6
Once you decided to bid 4, you have to bid 4 now. Otherwise you are showing a slam try needing a heart control.
William Scott's bidding problem: 8 AT965 A6 AQ875
You neglected to mention what 3 was.
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AT84 A4 QJT KQT6
I would much rather be playing non-serious, or serious, 3NT rather than point showing. There are a lot of different 13-14 count balanced hands, at the table I probably would have just bid 4 over 3NT. Where are my tricks coming from? Can partner have Kxxx?
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: AJT9653 QT3 J K9
Right, I forgot about the 21-23 case.

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