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about me

I'm just a pretty average club player in the UK.  However, I am Chairman of Woking Bridge Club in Surrey, UK, which is a friendly ethical club, so do join us if you fancy a game while visiting the area.

Also, I have a Ph.D. in Statistical Mechanics, and know how the odds of suit distributions really work.

United Kingdom

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Space: Beyond the Frontier
Hi Christopher. Yes, of course, if we had been able to discover that East held 5 minor suit cards in addition to 6 Spades, then the 3=3 Heart split becomes impossible, and the finesse becomes the better proposition. I hope you enjoy the book. It was something I penciled ...
Space: Beyond the Frontier
Hi Christopher. I am sorry to have to say that there are a couple of errors in your comment. Firstly, the two Diamonds played are irrelevant. E/W have to hold 12 Diamonds and Clubs between them to make up their 13 cards. You should only include in Empty Spaces ...
Ax opposite KQTxx
Why make it all so complicated? If East has 6 open spaces and West has 4, the ratio between 2=4 and 3=3 clubs is precisely 9:8. So the relative likelihoods of the finesse succeeding is 6, and of the bang succeeding is 7. If East has 6 ...
Ax opposite KQTxx
David C., may I refer you my article at which deals with exactly this calculation? In this article, the open spaces are 11 and 7, but the method of calculation is identical. By the way, you can check that your percentages 42.86 and ...
Ax opposite KQTxx
Thank you, Craig and Marty, for the reference. It is indeed BY FAR the best shortcut, and for those who prefer math to hiking, an hour or two of combinatorial algebra will proof that it is mathematically correct - and there are no rounding errors.
Club Library Books?
I recommend the series of little books by Reese & Trézel, each on a single aspect of card play.
Space: Beyond the Frontier
Using her method, the Zian Commander worked out that Hearts were over twice as likely to split 4=2 than 5=1, and even if Hearts were 5-1, then the 5=1, 4=2 and 3=3 Diamond breaks would be in the ratio 36:225:200, making the probability ...

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