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David Burch
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May 17, 2018
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about me

I'm just a pretty average club player in the UK.  However, I am Chairman of Woking Bridge Club in Surrey, UK, which is a friendly ethical club, so do join us if you fancy a game while visiting the area.

Also, I have a Ph.D. in Statistical Mechanics, and know how the odds of suit distributions really work.

United Kingdom

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Question for Mathematicians
LHO has on average 16 HCP (accurately it's 15.79, so 16 is a good enough approximation). You have 7 HCP, leaving 17 for partner and RHO. Assuming RHO would bid with 9-17, partner has 8-17. This will be weighted to the lower end, so I would guess partner ...
Naming squeezes
I'm with you to a certain extent, Eric. When I was teaching myself about squeezes (Simple, Double, Compound... and then it got too difficult), I categorised them on threat type. So a Criss-Cross Squeeze for me is a Double Blocked Threat Squeeze, which tells me that I may have ...
Raise structure after our 1!S overcall
I'm no expert, so probably shouldn't say anything. However, my partners and I play: (1D) - 1S - (X) - 2S is 3-card support in a weak hand (1D) - 1S - (X) - 2D is 3-card support in a good hand (1D) - 1S - (X) - 3S is 4-card support in a weak hand (1D ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
No, Pete, it's Buddy Holly's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" - but judging by the length of this thread, it does matter after all! Ah, The Hollies, the most under-rated band of the 60's: "The Air that I Breathe" is the best love song ever and then there ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Totally off topic, sorry Suzanne, but I do appreciate Larry Cohen's Buddy Holly reference, and also David Burn's Beatles reference earlier. For what it's worth, there is more to hand evaluation than simple HCPs. So I consider that the announced range is a guide to the strength ...
Reverse Attitude Leads?
Being young and trendy, I'm non-binary, lead-fluid. If I don't like the suit I'm leading, I lead high to suggest a switch. If I do like it, I lead low to suggest a continuation. Including doubleton leads.
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
... and what was partner actually doing? Pray tell.
A specific hcp count - how often?
I can offer a very simple and reasonably accurate formula for the probabilities of HCP holdings... Start by assuming 10 HCP occurs 10% of the time (it is actually 9.41%), subtract 1% for each HCP lower or higher than 10. For example: the probability of 6 HCP is about ...
What does this bid mean to you?
With that shape, I might have opened a dull 1... but you never know!
What does this bid mean to you?
Take-out, I opened a frisky 1NT with a 1-4-4-4 hand.

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