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David Burn
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Aug. 28, 2010
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about me

A bookful blockhead, ignorantly read

With loads of learned lumber in his head,

Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot

To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.

United Kingdom

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TGRs Young Chelsea
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1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.
If partner is allowed to pass a bid, it isn't forcing.
Evaluate this hand
I have never heard the term "simple raise" in my life, nor does it appear in any of the books on bidding I have spent an hour consulting. "Single raise", on the other hand, is not infrequent.
Implicit private understanding?
We remark here that, as has often been said, an aspect of the game of bridge that distinguishes it from other games is that at bridge players of all standards frequently meet on level terms in competition. This has been touted as an advantageous aspect of the game of bridge ...
Rashomon Redux
From the Wikipedia entry on Rashomon: The film is known for a plot device that involves various characters providing subjective, alternative, self-serving, and contradictory versions of the same incident. Rather to my surprise, Rashomon is the Japanese for "main city gate" rather than "appeals committee hearing".
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
"All four of you behaved like little children" Very true. The Director appears to have behaved like the parent of East-West rather than North-South.
Evaluate this hand
"it makes no difference to the hand evaluation" Perhaps, but it may make some difference to what you will do in a close situation. If you can bid 2 then 3, partner will have a better idea of whether his hand is suitable for game. But since you ...
England women's trials
There have been a few instances I have personally witnessed, and a few more of which I have seen the records, where matches have been chucked. It has always been completely obvious what is going on - proving it would require no effort at all.
Evaluate this hand
"I don't see that the 2 bid makes any difference." It makes it rather difficult to bid 2. Do you mean that playing Acol 3 now shows a three-card spade raise?
Evaluate this hand
Why is a "constructive" raise "below invitational"? Does it not invite partner to bid? Or do words not have any meaning in the bridge you play?
England women's trials
No. Chucking matches so your mates get into the team is illegal, and subject to a penalty that could easily be disqualification.

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