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ATB: Missed game
Double seems an odd choice over 3--it brings clubs into the mix. Whereas 3 seems to avoid that issue. 1 I think is better than dbl as partner will expect more when you bid spades next over a club response.
"System on" after 1NT-double ?
If 1NT is doubled depending on what double is then the meaning of redouble may change, it may also impact on stayman. What is obvious is you cannot bury your head in the sand ang ignore it.
#ZEROTOLERANCE Open Barcelona 2019
If I had been convicted of cheating I would not have the front to play in a tournament again. I think the client deserves no sympathy either.
What is 4NT
4nt blackwood is daft the right hand will never come up. On the actual hand how do you know which suit to pick? I favour the Garozzo view that 4nt is not blackwood in competition.
What is 4NT
With a strange partner I would assume minors.
Great Players; Great Books
Books can be entertaining --Skid Simon had some great characters as of course did Victor Mollo. I learned little of practical value from most of them. My knowledge of the game was gained by playing and watching, I learned more kibitzing J D R Collins in one session than all ...
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: KJ9876 K43 K5 AQ
Very good idea RR.
Director call - have I missed something?
Double of 6NT
Since I first started playing a double of a no-trump contract requires partner to lead dummy's first bid suit. If partner requires another lead do not double. Now you can make random arrangements like agree it asks for a suit say spades--but I have found the original meaning to ...
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: KJ9876 K43 K5 AQ
there are many hands where 7 is a spread so no need to do anything dramatic.

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