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March 17, 2017
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David Fraser's bidding problem: 743 Q82 T853 AKT
Thanks for everyone's input. I was East. Partner had : AJ6 K743 7 Q8743 I thought for a while and bid 2 which was down two. 2 or 3 makes, but it is a roll of the dice to pick a suit to ...
Deceiving question by declarer
I have a story like Joe's but with the opposite effect - I play Bergen raises with one regular partner, but not with my other regular partner. At a recent sectional I was playing with the Bergen raise partner. I opened 1 spade, LHO passed, and pard bid 3 clubs ...
Cyber Sadism, Part N+1
My wife plays the robots more than I do, and her answer is that robots just won't bid minors.
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
At our clubs we're supposed to lead or put down dummy before entering the contract on the Bridgemate. Most people can enter the contract fast enough it doesn't hold up the play very much. We don't have opening lead entry enabled. What we do, most of the ...
David Fraser's bidding problem: AKT4 --- KT532 8763
Yes, true. I'd like to think that I would have bid 3 hearts to show the limit raise or better but might have passed to collect a sure penalty.
David Fraser's bidding problem: AJ9876 K9432 T 5
Thanks for votes and comments. Partner opened 1 . I had 7 clubs and 5 diamonds...(see hand posted Apr 15.)
David Fraser's bidding problem: K --- J9742 KQT8763
Thanks for votes and comments. I bid 1 NT, but I should have bid 2 . We ended up in 4 down 2. Partner had 6 and 5 ...
David Fraser's bidding problem: AKT4 --- KT532 8763
Thanks for comments and votes. My partner passed and North bid 2 . I had this hand as east 8 Q10752 AJ64 AK9 I passed, waiting to see if partner would double in the balancing seat. South passed and partner doubled so I passed and we ...
My NABC Robot Individual Journey - Day 2
Thanks for the write-up.
"Table feel"
I was playing at a regional in July and a well-known player/writer sat in to kibitz. My partner led, dummy came down, and I played a card. Kibitzer got up and left, probably realizing before I did that my play was sub-optimal at best.
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