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David Genne
David Genne
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April 25, 2012
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Will be representing District 6 in Columbus (NAP)
Regular Bridge Partners
Sven Pride, Vincent Wilmot, Lou Reich
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Washington Bridge League
Favorite Conventions
Any time you can use transfers in competitive auctions
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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NABC+ Appeal Csae 2
The only problem I have with the ruling is that they didn't assign the "appeal without merit" penalty.
David Genne's bidding problem: AJT982 9 KQT8 KQ
I don't understand pass. Partner could have anything from Qxx xxxx Axxx xxx to KQ Axxx J Axxxx Would be a shame to collect +50 instead of 620 or 1430.
Coffee housing
> Would you automatically penalize for playing out of tempo > with a single card remaining in a suit, or are there > extenuating circumstances where you would be ok with it? The only exception is third hand, trick 1. If declarer tries to fast-play you, think about the entire hand for as ...
David Genne's bidding problem: AQ8 J42 6432 KQ6
My partner passed then bid 3D. Opener was JTxx KQTx J ATxx. We landed in 3H and with soft defense were able to make. But it was less about the table result, and more about why the heck do you do with this awkward hand....
David Genne's bidding problem: 8 AK2 A75 AT8432
Partner’s spades were Qxx and not QJx, so she will pull and get hammered in 4D for -200. But I think double is still the percentage action.
David Genne's bidding problem: AQ8 J42 6432 KQ6
For those who passed, the follow-up:
Asking Laws questions during the game
John, while I have some sympathy for your general view, "take their argument to it's extreme and show that it's unreasonable" is basically the definition of the straw man fallacy. I would be OK with allowing laws questions in novice/NLM games; once you've achieved Life Master ...
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
Really, Yu? Are sponsors now required to play 100% of the boards in a KO?
Properly explaining a transfer accept
Kevin stated that the responder described 2c as "forced", which prompted an inquiry of opener about the redouble. The appropriate person WAS asked, and failed to fully disclose.
Properly explaining a transfer accept
I agree with you. Opener knows what sort of hands will redouble, and needs to share that info. "forces partner to bid 2, partner has a single-suited runout in a minor. She would have immediately transferred with a single-suited major" "forces 2, partner has a single-suited hand and ...

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