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Sept. 4, 2017
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Feb. 19
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IAN and Big O
2 over 1 GF
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Richard Fleet's bidding problem: J4 AJ3 A8742 QJ3
@ Richard Fleet - Of course a GF 3C bid over 1NT would be great....but very few players I know play that way nowadays. I also think that a 4C bid over 3D requires a better hand than just 5-5 with 15 HCP: especially when partner is limited to an average ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: J4 AJ3 A8742 QJ3
So then how would you like partner to bid : AKJxx xx x AKxxx on this auction? There are 2 unbid suits... usually then you bid the one in which you HAVE controls. With the Club suit being unusable (another strike against the 3D bid here) 3H becomes rather ambiguous....or ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: J4 AJ3 A8742 QJ3
It is unclear here whether partner is making a slam innuendo or is simply lacking a control in Hearts for 3NT. With the Heart holding given, this hand has an easy 3NT bid. Then if partner continues with 4C, I will cooperate with 4D. NOTE: This 3D bid can cause ...
Interpretations wanted, please
This situation is quite different as the Opponents X of 4NT gives partner another TWO options - PASS and REDOUBLE: The difference between these can be decided by the partnership: but in any event denies a suit of their own. Any direct bid should show the type of hand your partner ...
Bidding over a weak 2S
I did not ask, but none noted that they remembered the hand from BW which I am sure they would have.
Bidding over a weak 2S
just a quick update for all who are following this. I am currently at the Fall Nationals in San Diego. I have 'polled" about 30-40 top International professionals including those who have just finished in the top 10 if the Blue Ribbon Pairs (including the winners). The results are almost ...
Bidding over a weak 2S
I appreciate your comments Michael. It seems I may have not been fully clear on the 2S - X - 3S portion. I meant to indicate that IF partner passes it will not be your hand since they know you have a good hand and have still chosen not to act even ...
Bidding over a weak 2S
I wanted to hear WHY players chose to make their call. Dont care if poll changes.
David Glen's bidding problem: xx AKQxx xxx ATx
Ok, let's see if we can get a discussion going here: I must say that I am very surprised that sooooo many players think that just a regular 1 level opening bid (13 HCP, 7-loser hand) qualifies for a vulnerable 3 level suit overcall. At minimum to bid 3H ...
Barry Rigal's bidding problem: AQJ4 86 75 AK642
As expected...several French phrases and the retro / original Sputnik name for good measure....nice. BTW --- that is an odd way to spell "Clarksville" :)

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