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David Goldfarb
David Goldfarb
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Feb. 25, 2012
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Second place in an A/X Swiss, in a field with multiple Grand Life Masters including Eddie Wold and Shawn Quinn.
Regular Bridge Partners
Harry Elliott, Jon Goldberg, Jim Andre
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
An Unassuming Club
An Unassuming Club
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Jim Andre and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Sheila + David
2 over 1
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Copy of Bridge Winners Standard
2 over 1
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Harry Elliott and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Is this 2!c bid forcing?
There's a beer in your future
It's not done in the hope of a forget by declarer: it's done to prevent the last trick from being taken by the 7. Really now.
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
Opener doesn't pass with a maximum. Opener passes with the hands that would reject a 3-card invitational raise. You play in 1NT instead of 3M in the 5-3 fit. At imps that's probably not a big deal; this matters more at matchpoints.
What should be the “weakest action” over a 2!s transfer to !c or a 2NT transfer to !d over a 1NT opening?
You open 1NT, partner bids 2 showing clubs, and you have a minimum without club support, so you pass? Really?
Voting for new KBA name
"Bridge for Life" could conceivably be confused with an anti-abortion activist group.
Bad bidding practices that you nevertheless see many long-time players engage in
I've been waiting many years for 1M-4M on 13-15 with 3-4 card support to miss a good slam. I've yet to encounter it. 4 as ace-asking is not uncommon where I live, but then I live in Houston, where Johnny Gerber lived. Even three decades after his ...
Bidding philosophy
Basically, everything Lawrence says about partner's hand applies equally well to responder's: you are exactly as likely to find a stack to your left as you are to find partner with fitting cards.
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: AK6 J752 QT JT96
I'd have doubled at my first turn, though I admit it's close, and I'd be happier with it if my diamond honor were the queen of any other suit.
Hank Eng's bidding problem: 6 QJ8654 4 AKQ86
Here's a general principle I've been trying to take to heart: when you're on a guess, go with the option that has the bigger upside when it's right.
Hank Eng's bidding problem: 6 QJ8654 4 AKQ86
I have a 4-loser hand opposite a 1-bid. If we're off two key cards, that's just too bad.

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