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David Levin
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May 13, 2015
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about me

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina (US) and work as a freelance editor of nonfiction. The latter was preceded by two lengthy stints as a systems engineer in the telecom industry. I have written and self-published several books and ebooks (one on bridge, the remainder on chess) and have recorded several digital audio tracks. I last played bridge in 2007.

Effective October 29, 2016, I will try to consistently use the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hen," which means "he or she" or "him or her," and the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hens," which means "his or her" or "his or hers."

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Declarer play problem
If clubs are 3=3, I believe the defenders (after winning the first club) can strand the long clubs by forcing Dummy in diamonds. But then you can try ruffing the third round of hearts with the 9 and the third round of clubs with the 5, making if both ...
Missed slam
Michael R.: I infer you meant "that would mean you needed to bid 3![b]D[/b] on".
Bad slam
Both approaches have drawbacks. Responding 2 might culminate in a poor 3N opposite a minimum 5=3=1=4. I have found that limiting one's hand in this type of situation is better than making the unlimited call. Maybe with a larger sample of deals, my experience would ...
Bad slam
Hamish: With 3=4 in the majors, I think I would retain the economical 2 rebid (by Responder) and try to clarify the heart situation on subsequent rounds. For example, over Opener's 3m on the third round, Responder might bid 4 with four pieces and no slam ...
A disclosure story from SF
It is unfortunate that "general bridge knowledge," a legitimate concept, is sometimes invoked to conceal partnership understanding.
Bad slam
Hamish, Although having Responder's 3 show four pieces works well here, I wonder whether having that call show say, (H)Hx might not be more useful in the long run.
Bad slam
I agree with that philosophy, but it seems to me that a 4 splinter combined with South's failure to support spades does get most of the hand across.
Bad slam
I would bid 4 (over 2), assuming that this was a splinter for hearts. Partner would infer that I have at least 10 red cards. I agree that this doesn't fully convey the strength, and I'd be fine responding 2 instead if my partner preferred.
Bad slam
If no one had opened prior to South's turn, then opening 1 with that hand would be clear for me (and I imagine for many others). But the auction so far has degraded our hand somewhat. Partner bid a suit where we have only a low doubleton, and ...
Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come
I just looked it up. The first letters of the nine words stand for the capitalized words in Tangent is Opposite over Adjacent, Sine is Opposite over Hypotenuse, Cosine is Adjacent over Hypotenuse.
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