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David Levin
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May 13, 2015
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about me

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina (US) and work as a freelance editor of nonfiction. The latter was preceded by two lengthy stints as a systems engineer in the telecom industry. I have written and self-published several books and ebooks (one on bridge, the remainder on chess) and have recorded several digital audio tracks. I last played bridge in 2007.

Effective October 29, 2016, I will try to consistently use the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hen," which means "he or she" or "him or her," and the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hens," which means "his or her" or "his or hers."

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Memphis Report from BOD Member, District 17
His last name is Kovacich.
I thought of an example. RHO opens 1 and ends up declaring 3N. How aggressive we think our opening lead needs to be would probably be influenced by whether we hold xxx ("Any finesses Declarer needs in hearts will probably be onside.") or Q10xx ("We probably can afford a ...
Jeff, could you give an example of abstract thinking at bridge that you feel cannot ultimately be decomposed into (potentially numerous) well-defined steps.
Common game deal Wed 16 April
A possible drawback to this line is having to ruff clubs with at least one of Dummy's high hearts. For example, if West is 2=2=2=7 and it goes club ruff, diamond ace, heart to the queen, diamond to the king, diamond to East's honor (Declarer ...
Common game deal Wed 16 April
If RHO started with four hearts, QJx, and precisely two clubs (albeit much more restrictive than the layouts Andy's line handles), I think we can make by discarding a spade at Trick 1, ruffing the club continuation (a spade shift might be fatal but seems hard to find), and ...
Common game deal Wed 16 April
What card does East play if Dummy ruffs at Trick 1?
Looking for team/partner - Cleveland May 21-27
You might post this also at
For most of us, being truly engaged seems to be key to remembering something. Rehearsing the information—whether by writing it down, picturing it, imagining hearing it (again), or other method—helps engage the mind.
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
Also, the cards (presumably) don't overlap; that is, the entire face of each card is visible.
2019 Buffett Cup
Carroll/Hanlon for Irish backstop?
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