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David Libchaber
David Libchaber
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July 19, 2012
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July 14
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Bridge Player
about me

I have finally taken the plunge and opened my own real estate brokerage firm, DML Realty. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in Manhattan, contact me :)  Unfortunately not much time left for playing, but it makes the times I have to play even more valuable.  

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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time I executed a double squeeze, not knowing how I had done it, but figured out that it was on!
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David Parsons
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Loved to play at the Culbertson, when we were all so young....A magnificient club thanks to Anne Mittman.
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2/1 GF
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Proposing a Simple Rule for Good-Bad 2NT
David Parsons has a good rule for good/bad. * There has been at least three bids * Your RHO has bid * You can't support partner's suit at the two level then bidding 2NT is a relay to 3.
Declarer Play problem - second session qualifier - Goldman pairs
Thank you all - I posted the full hand. I too led a low at trick 2 and West rose with the K to return a . I just needed to guess the correctly after that start - didn't happen.
Every fifty years...
Unlike the Amalya hand, there is a legitimate hope here. On the 10 lead, third hand (should/would/could) play the K since the J is marked in declarer's hand and the hope is to beat the contract if partner lead from A109xxx, which is possible on the bidding.
Forcing or Not Forcing
And defining the rebid of 3 over 3 as showing both 3 AND 4 makes no sense to me. If 3 is checkback, shouldn't 3 by opener show ?
Priorities for the WBF?
Don, Wouldn't that be a start? If there is official and under the table, then the books would have to be cooked. How about we start with that?
Priorities for the WBF?
Open knowledge of salary of officers, and full accounting of operations. Once the rank and file find out that their monies are going to pay bureaucrats, maybe we will rethink supporting the WBF. In particular, I would like to know what the ACBL envoys get for remuneration.
Last Year's ACBL President Speaks Out
Whipple's letter is great and on point, but for one issue - he canned Bahar. I am quite sure that Bahar is the one who made the board realize how perilous the ACBL situation is. If things were so dire, why remove someone who was hired to bring change? Whipple ...
Last Year's ACBL President Speaks Out
The high stakes game in Manhattan is dead. Once in a while, there will be a $1 game, but the Rengency Whist, the private club that used to have 10 full tables 15 years ago (from $.05 a point to $1 a point) is down to one table twice a ...
Motions before the Memphis BoD: Item 191-22
How many meetings and hours of discussion did this motion take to write, edit, and pass?
David Parsons's bidding problem: 763 AT AT82 KQ32

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