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David Liu
David Liu
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Basic Information

Member Since
May 15, 2018
Last Seen
May 20
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Bridge Player
about me

A passionate and analytic player who often takes an engineering approach.

Studied physics and chemistry in college, got my final degree in molecular biology, now write software for a living.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
79% game on my birthday, then another 70+ in less than two weeks.
Bridge Accomplishments
Down four vulnerable for a 100% board.
Regular Bridge Partners
See web site of bridge club.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara
Favorite Tournaments
The Ventura Regional, the only day-trip gold point event.
Favorite Conventions
A combination of Gerber and Key-Card attempts, then claim 13 tricks in 4NT immediately after opening lead.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
David Liu's bidding problem: KQT762 K75 Q753 ---
Actually, on this particular board -- #9 from opening 2 would have let me play an easy 3 for a match point advantage, but making 3 was more fun.
ACBL Regionals at Clubs - Put the Ecosystem to Work.
Presumably, players receptive to this new format ought to be comfortable already with NABC on BBO, so Regional on BBO might be a more efficient alternative. My only complains are that earning gold points on BBO is so much harder than at a Regional, and that red points earned as ...
David Liu's bidding problem: 654 AT542 KJ962 ---
A double of the artificial 2S would have shown spades. I am sure someone has come up with a convention to show both majors over 2S, but I will never be able to remember that.
David Liu's bidding problem: 654 AT542 KJ962 ---
Let me guess -- CHO exited with 7, and you discarded two diamonds?
The only slam
The 6 that makes on a diamond finesse?
David Liu's bidding problem: 654 AT542 KJ962 ---
This is what I learned -- we are at the three level, the opponents have already found a 6-2 or better fit, and we have another bid, so pass for now. If 3 is passed back, we can double to show unambiguously the two red suits while partner has an ...
David Liu's bidding problem: 654 AT542 KJ962 ---
I was hoping for a double, but my other partners were not so helpful when they were playing against me.
David Liu's bidding problem: 654 AT542 KJ962 ---
Thanks. I have edited it for clarification.
My Turn to Speak
The word "enjoyable" seems to be an over-bid. I would prefer "informative" because the content is of general interest.
David Liu's bidding problem: A3 AT985 KQ8 Q64
Having a lot of trumps is useful if we can ruff something. When neither hand has much shape, neither partner is motivated to look for a suit contract. On the other hand, there are times when 4432 opposite 4432 produces an extra trick in a suit contract. There are too ...

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