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David Loeb
David Loeb
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July 1, 2012
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Analyst for TheCommonGame on Mondays.  Proud father of the ACBL's 2013 Rookie of the Year, Kathleen Loeb.  

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning a Regional 4,700-10,000 Bracketed Swiss with my wife, daughter, and Allison Howard in my daughter's 10th week of playing bridge. She jumped from 10 to 18 masterpoints.
Bridge Accomplishments
Several overalls in NABC events, many regional and sectional wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
Maureen Loeb, Kathleen Loeb, Susi Ross, Robert Dennard
Member of Bridge Club(s)
De Land Bridge Club; North Orlando Bridge Center
Favorite Tournaments
Open Pairs
Favorite Conventions
Gazzilli, Transfers, Fit showing bids, Schuler Shift, Nebulous 2 Clubs
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Maureen & David Loeb
2/1 GF, 1M-2R-2NT=6+M, 1!d-3!c=NAT INV, Xfers / NAT 1!c if allowed
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Susi Ross & David Loeb
2 over 1 GF, 1M-2x-2M = 6+M, 1M-2x-2NT=catchall
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Dennard-Loeb 2/1 GF
2/1 GF (or to 4m), Sound 1st & 2nd seats, 1M-2x-2NT = catch-all
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Underleading aces.
Under leading an Ace in the middle of the hand is often a good play. For example is declarer is going to establish a side suit for discards, you need to break the suit. If declarer has a holding like KJ doubleton, you will never take 2 tricks by leading ...
Board 8 from the 02/04/2019 Common Game
I always appreciate it when the opponents don't interfere.
Board 15 from the 02/04/2019 Common Game
If West opened, missing honors are expected to be well placed. The heart slam is better because it doesn't require a 3-2 spade break, but the spade slam is expected to make on the auction. If West didn't open, you wouldn't want to bid the slam.
After opener raises a major suit response
See Steve Weinstein's article The asking bids which use 3 min, 3 max, 4 min, 4 max often leave a guess when opener shows 3. Responder may not have the room to learn what motivated the 3-card raise. So it can be difficult ...
"Help-suit" game tries
Too often help suit game tries help the defense. Game tries which ask are better than game tries which tell. See Steve Robinson's article:
One Major - 2NT (Modified Jacoby) Queries
Board 22 from the 12/17/2018 Common Game
East is too strong to open a preemptive 4. East could open a strong artificial 2, but preemption is likely. I like beginning with 1 and then game forcing.
ATB - 21 HCP 3NT game
Abstained because I couldn't vote for both poorly judged bids.
ATB - 21 HCP 3NT game
Not a fan of the 3nt bid, South knows they have a wide range. South is far from a maximum. With that said, north has little reason to believe 3nt is making. Pulling to 4D seems best.
Board 10 from the 12/03/2018 Common Game
East had a strong desire to go negative. The 2H advance should have been all that was needed to remain silent.

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