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An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
JS - "The expression was "Colors" are for children" By Colors (or Colours) can one assume that the "expression" refers to White, Green, Amber and Red (or if one is more advanced, also Purple and Black) but not the ugly references seen sometimes on BW to "White vs White" or "White ...
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
In case it makes any difference, I seem to recall that at major EBU and other important tournaments back in the 1970s (such as the Brighton Summer Congress) it was not unusual for Harold Franklin to stage a prize giving for recent winners of major EBU events(or to give ...
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
From what I recall, a slightly different abbreviation (from HF) was in common usage in some circles
Steve Barnfield
Thanks to Mike Clack, I have been reminded that in fact Steve partnered Pete Jackson in the 1978 tie with Scotland (whose team included Michael Rosenberg) - the England team consisting of John Reardon & Richard Butland, Mike Nardin & Steve Lodge, and Steve Barnfield & Pete Jackson with me as NPC. And it ...
A Difficult Defence
I admit that any analytical skills I may have possessed are long since rusted away However, you have omitted some possible factors. Firstly, do you and partner have any agreement about what a peter in trumps (on West's part) might signify? Secondly, you do not say if declarer played ...
Steve Barnfield
Richard, as it happens I knew Steve from the bridge world (having captained a Junior Camrose team in which he played - in Northern Ireland) and subsequently managed to recruit him from Arthur Andersen to join PW, as it was then. He worked out very well for us because he was ...
First three classes
In the South Florida world of Country Clubs, it is hard to believe that "playing bridge is almost a requirement for acceptance into the social fabric of the community". Sadly, there are many who prefer Mahjong to bridge.
NABC Bulletins, Do They Need to Be as They Are?
PL - "at least have your facts straight" The Washington DC Daily Bulletin for Saturday 1 August 2009 (Volume 81 Number 9)included a long article by Mark Horton on pages 6 & 7, and another one on page 8 and another one on page 9. Some of these would appear to ...
What is an Expert in EBUland?
MS - "The first (admittedly US centric) sensible definition of expert that I have heard (other than US-centric) is someone who, on a team of equal players, should be expected to make the round of 32 in the Spingold or Vanderbilt." My point is that there is a significant discrepancy in ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
DC - "I know the counter-argument is that the infrastructure can't survive without the numbers" This counter-argument is specious at best. There seem to have numerous posts and threads in the recent past that clearly point to an urgent need to consider afresh what type and size of infrastructure is ...
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