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touching honors
Well, I think OP got the answer.
Bidding problem What is your guess?
First, you thank partner for end-playing you. Second, you scream internally about how stupid his bid was. Third, you reflect on how bad Kickback is, especially with a partner who can inflict this on you. Finally, you bid 4. That won't help you stay out of a bad ...
How would you interpret 2H here?
2 over 1 would have been natural so this shows a VERY big hand with hearts. Especially, as FH says, 2 is available for takeout.
Bidding disaster
Opener limited his hand with his opening bid. He bid everything he had at that point. Why he subsequently drove to slam is utterly beyond me. Second, responder cannot have that hand for this sequence. He has [i]shown[/i] a doubleton spade. Third, limiting the hand is the purpose ...
Bidding disaster
I want to add this. While it's true that you need to be conservative if partner is going to open hands like this, bidding 1NT with responder's hand is simply wrong. Bridge is a game of percentages and you should never bid on the off-chance that partner might ...
Bidding disaster
Oh. In re-reading, I see that they apparently were playing 2/1 and the comment about 2 being FG was redundant. This being said, I change nothing about my comment above except to say that I prefer 2NT to 2.
Bidding disaster
Well, actually the OP seems to say that they weren't playing 2/1. He specifically says that 2 established the game force, not 2. If so, East's bidding is pretty reasonable. The hand is too strong for 2NT if it's not forcing so 2 ...
useful void
As a general rule, I would not. However, I would show if: a) I could only logically be void in this suit b) I do not think it would get us too high.
What does partner have?
@KW, I would pass 3 with the sick feeling in my stomach that we have already passed the perfect contract. It was 2 and we can't get there from here. This being said, I have some optimism that my hand is not completely useless to him. I ...
What does partner have?
The idea that partner should be forbidden from bidding 3 with, say, AQJx KQJ10xxx - xx, or with a million similar holdings, just because he does not hold diamonds is simply not not from this planet. If you think that this hand should simply bid 4, fair enough. Then ...
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