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David MacRae
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Aug. 3, 2015
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June 22
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How do you rule on this sitiuation
I think the quality of the players is very relevant. South's final is beyond stupid, as Richard said. I believe that South is an average player at best. As such I doubt he was able to deal with the situation and so I would give him the benefit. A ...
David MacRae's bidding problem: x KJx KQJxx A9xx
IMO, and I did not hold this hand BTW,2 is clear cut. I don't expect pard to hold some moth-eaten suit over the double. Furthermore 2 directs us towards the most likely game and sets up to compete against their spade fit. Also bidding diamonds followed ...
Comments please, on this 2D opening
If you must open this hand, I far prefer 1
5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
5-5 Major Hand After Partner Opens 2NT
This hand came up in the common game on Thursday night and I was defending. I held K109x K9x K10x 7xx. The bidding was standard. 2NT - 3- 3 - 3 - 3NT. Rightly or wrongly I led the 7 and the ten won. Declarer then led a heart to ...
James Huntington's bidding problem: AT86 2 KQT8753 4
What should 3 show here? In my view it is preemptive. Obviously if it is some sort of strong hand, this hand is not appropriate.
Three Card Majors
Obviously he's a Constitutional lawyer.
ACBL non-member masterpoint policy
The answer to your question is "yes". However, in many ACBL events non-members are not allowed to play at all. You need to know how this may affect your team.
how do you bid these hands?
While I don't like either 2 (would have passed) or 2 (would have bid 2, especially if overcaller can have this garbage), I don't hate them either. However overcaller went seriously insane with his last two calls. 3NT and even 4NT at least have some ...
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
Talk to Robert Thorstad. Applying statistics to psychology is his bailiwick.

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