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This, of course, is true. However I believe that the OP intended to ask what your preferred agreement is.
My Grandson
@Peg. My dad was not a game player of any kind. However, he had something in common with yours. He never EVER gave false compliments for non-achievements. When he congratulated me for something, however mildly, I knew I had made it to be the best of the best. And when ...
What is an Expert in EBUland?
Hah! That's my definition of a person with drive. And who will succeed. It has little or nothing to do with whether he is a better bridge player but a whole lot to do with whether he is a better person.
Wolff signoff and !D slam try
I don't see any difference between the two except that the first one showed an interest in a major. A separate issue: this auction quite clearly shows how useless NMF is over 2NT.
What is an Expert in EBUland?
My personal definition of expert is someone who makes less than one boneheaded play per session. That puts me right on the edge. I have no idea how that translates into the UK system.
My Grandson
Instead of AutoBridge, I would strongly recommend Fred Gittelman's "Learn To Play Bridge" available from the ACBL at I have been through "Learn To Play Bridge 1" and it is simply excellent although the UI is a little dated. I don't know ...
Do you want to be relegated from Bracket A to Bracket B?
I personally would love this as I prefer to play up. I don't enjoy beating up baby seals and would rather face real competition. A two-session event could be played as a one-session Swiss followed by a bunch of 4- or 5-team round-robins.
My Grandson
For books, I'm too out of date as well. However some people I respect love "Bridge for Dummies". It's written by Eddie Kantar so it can't be bad.
Responding to takeout double with 4-4 majors
Bidding spades makes the subsequent auction much easier if, for whatever reason, you bid again. This is true whether your next bid is voluntary or forced. For example, if pard now bids 1NT you have a comfortable rebid if your original choice was 1. Same thing if he cue-bids.
an embarrasment of trumps
Given this West's defence was, to be generous, incredibly sloppy. What was the rush to win either Ace anyway? Did he at least acknowledge his errors? East, of course, did nothing wrong.

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