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ATB - Missed Game
I should perhaps have mentioned in the original post but anyway... At the table, the double was undiscussed. However, in the postmortem both players agreed that it showed precisely four spades and that that was their expectation during the auction. If indeed it showed hearts then both of North's ...
ATB - Missed Game
Agreed. South should open the hand. He will look approvingly on a bid of either major and, especially since he is white, other responses may well turn out fine as well. However, having passed the hand he should clearly drive to game. Among other things he should look [i]very ...
What is the meaning of double?
I'm really not interested in trying to construct a hand for partner. He made a penalty double. That's all I care. Possibly it was badly-judged but that's not my problem. Unsurprisingly, it also happens that any alternate explanation is even more bizarre.
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: AQT76 986 AQ QT8
I'm guessing the bit at the table was double
What is the meaning of double?
Certainly it can.
ATB missed slam
ATB missed slam
Usually both partners are fault when an excellent grand slam is played in game, and this is no exception. East has decent values and should probably bid over 4. Still... I gave West 100% of the blame as his 3 and 4 bids are both simply awful.
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: AKxxxxx x AKxx x
It is, of course possible, to take as few as five tricks with this hand even if spades are trumps. However you have to have some optimism in counting tricks if you are to be able to bid sensibly. Counting eight tricks is already conservative. Standard Loser Count actually says ...
The four Queens Problem.
Finessing in spades and diamonds gives six tricks. That together with four hearts and a double squeeze makes thirteen so the only problem remaining is which way to finesse the hearts. Two rounds of spades and two rounds of diamonds reveal that the length is likely to be on my ...
The second card in a suit
David - this is a fair comment and maybe I should have gotten the hand right playing from bridge logic. With a lesser partner, one I trusted less to play the right card, I almost certainly would have. To give the problem more context, RHO opened 1, which was passed ...

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