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Aug. 3, 2015
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June 19
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Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: K J83 AQT73 T872
If I understand our system correctly pard has denied a major so they have nine spades and we have at least eight clubs
Your choice for 3NT
Love it
How Unusual is this Hand
Thanks Richard. You are much a wealth of information.
Your choice for 3NT
The standard "gambling 3nt" virtually never comes up. And when it does, it doesn't work. So why I have on every CC with every partner I have had in the last thirty years? Let's play 3NT as, oh I don't know, 7 hearts and 6 clubs and ...
He may have forgotten
I agree. It is certainly true that you should have a default agreement when the opponents don't know what they are doing. Furthermore the people who do this are generally poor players and I hate to punish the folks for what they are. This being said, the idea just ...
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
This whole thing is utterly surreal. First we have a pass by East with a hand that is clearly a bid. If you're not playing Micheals then surely you have to try one of your suits. Then West balances. From the introduction "East-West overcall only with opening values" (BTW ...
1Nt---(2M)---X as penalties
I'm generally willing to play my partner's system, whatever it is. I do think that negative doubles are superior to penalty in these auctions. But, as I said, I'll play anything reasonable. I suppose option 1) best expressed my attitude among your alternatives so I chose that.
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
I apologize if I jumped to conclusions if this regard. Your answer makes perfect sense, Sam, although accusing me of lying is rather harsk. I regret bringing up the issue because it has nothing to do with the story I wanted to tell.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: J9753 AKT987 6 5
2 presumably shows a forcing diamond bid.
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
Hammond didn't reverse engineer anything. Just like me, he had the all the source code. Instead he wrote a pathetically awful attempt to read out the contents of the game files. It never worked. Whether there were bugs in the original code is an entirely separate issue.
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